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Codeless is a content production agency that combines strategy, SEO, subject-matter writing, design, and video. We produce hundreds of long-form articles each month for some of the biggest SaaS, service, and affiliate brands in the most competitive spaces on the Internet.

Our Team

Alex Gita
Director of Production
As the Director of Production, Alex is passionate about processes and continuous growth. Always on the hunt for the next great escape room. When not refining operations, you’ll find her diving into the depths or scaling new heights.
Athena Alexander
Executive Assistant
Athena is the Executive Assistant to the CEO, Hawaii-based, and a determined individual dedicated to advancing Codeless. When she isn’t working, she’s at the beach, hanging out with friends, or binging the newest Netflix series.
Saeedah Kafaar
Production Coordinator
Saeedah is our Saudi Arabia-based Production Coordinator overseeing production for our project management and technical clients. Her interests include reading, baking, and indulging in nostalgic moments by re-watching all her favorite shows.
Cecilien Dambon
Director of Strategy
Cecilien is the Director of Strategy at Codeless with over 8 years of experience working with SaaS companies. When he’s not looking for the best bread in town, you can find him running experiments on plants or sipping cocktails at jazz bars.
Emi Tan
Head of People & Culture
As the Head of People & Culture, Emi is dedicated to nurturing a positive employee experience that aligns with Codeless’ mission and core values. Outside of work, she loves drawing, painting murals, hiking in the forest, and tending to her pollinator garden.
Manuela Domian
Production Coordinator
Manuela’s an experienced social media assistant with communication skills in the luxury, blockchain, cosmetic, and private aviation industries. She lives in Buenos Aires and loves traveling, spending time with her dog, and going to the movies.
Megan Lane
Associate Editor (Finance)
Megan C. Lane is a former newspaper copyeditor, with freelance work including fiction manuscripts, academic papers, and a set of TTRPG rulebooks. They like to work from home because that’s where their pets are.
Erin Miller
Deputy Managing Editor
Erin is a New Orleans-based managing editor at Codeless. When she’s not hard at work, you can find her riding her bike, thrifting, and whispering sweet nothings to her houseplants.
Darcie Springall
Senior Editor (Health)
Darcie is a Senior Editor at Codeless and has worked in client-facing roles for 20 years. Currently based in Europe, if she’s not in a cafe or yoga class, she’s exploring cities and asking to pet every dog she sees.
Natasha Ayers
Senior Editor (Consumer)
Natasha Ayers is a writer, editor, and artist who lives in beautiful South Florida. She is a mom to three boys, four cats, and one giant pup. Whenever she can, Natasha spends her free time at the ocean doing mermaid things.
Susan Bivins
Senior Editor (PM)
Susan has over two decades in the tech industry and project management. Her favorite project was the Results System for the Olympics. When she’s not editing, she loves hiking, writing, water-skiing, and dogs.
Brenna Coleman
Senior Editor (Consumer)
Brenna is a Senior Editor for Consumer content here at Codeless. She lives on the East Coast and enjoys running, rainy days, and reading.
Yoichi Hasegawa (James)
Senior Editor (Health)
Yoichi combines his healthcare expertise in East-West integrative medicine, along with his background in business and the bioscience industry to deliver quality content for the client. Based in Southern California, he enjoys traveling, hiking, discovering great eats, and Japanese comics.
Chris Mohar
Senior Editor (Technical)
Christopher is a technical editor specializing in software and IT. He holds a BS in Materials Science Engineering and an MFA in Creative Writing, and he is also an award-winning fiction writer.
Sean Hull
Senior Editor (PM)
Sean has a 15+ year history of evaluating, designing, standing up, planning, and delivering strategic projects globally. As part of that work, he has created and applied project management knowledge, skills, tools, and technologies across a broad range of industries.
Kirby Assaf
Associate Editor (SaaS)
Kirby is a Massachusetts-based writer and editor with a sharp eye for detail. When they’re not editing or working on their narrative fiction projects, they’re playing video games and drinking coffee.
Kayleigh Stubbs
Associate Editor (PM)
Based in Brighton, UK, Kayleigh has worked in digital for over a decade. As an editor at Codeless, she loves helping businesses grow. She enjoys spending time with her family, long walks, and scouring Pinterest for her next creative project.
Vitaliy Bohomiahkov
Graphic Designer
Vitaliy is a Ukraine-based graphic and UX/UI designer who loves creating beautiful and user-friendly designs. He’s also into extreme sports like skateboarding, enjoys a good hike and discovering new places.
Sarah Sher
Director of Content
As Director of Content, Sarah is the defender of on-page editorial quality. This means obsessing over all the things on any given day, all of which connect to support client growth goals through content (until the caffeine runs out or AI takes over).
Peter Simos
Customer Experience Specialist
Peter is a designer, developer, and all-around web creative at Codeless. When he is not fixing WordPress bugs, he’s watching movies or thinking about making movies.
Carolyn Price
Executive Assistant to CEO
Carolyn supports management and operations. She lives in Hawaii and is an avid yogi and surfer.
Scott Wilkinson
Head of Organizational Capability
Scott is originally from Texas, but has lived in Spain since finishing university. As someone who loves learning new skills and picking up new hobbies, he brings a diverse skillset that helps him help the team improve productivity in unique ways.
Natasha Dorozhynets
Graphic Designer
Natasha is a graphic designer from Ukraine who aspires to creativity and finds inspiration everywhere. Turning ideas into appealing designs is what she loves to do the most.
Zahoor Ahmed
Graphic Designer
Zahoor Ahmed is an experienced UI/UX and graphic designer with over 7 years of experience in creating innovative solutions and aesthetics with functionality. No matter what kind of challenge you have for him, he is always up for the task.
Stephen Cornado
Production Coordinator
Stephen works with our operational team to manage client and customer queries and ensures every email gets responded to promptly. He loves helping others, especially in areas that he knows on top of his game.
Joseph Rowe
Senior Content Planner
Joseph is a former ESL teacher with an MA in linguistics and originally from SoCal. Joseph edits for Codeless while living in Gafsa, Tunisia. He loves traveling, music, gaming, and reading.
Jessica Chubbs
Account Manager
Jessica is an Account Manager raised in Albany, GA and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. She is a proud mommy of 4 daughters and has 6+ years of experience working in the tech industry.
Lisa Branham
Head of Client Services
Born and raised in Maryland, Lisa is the Head of Client Services with over 13 years of customer service experience. If she’s not chasing her toddlers around, you can catch her relaxing by the beach and probably drinking too much espresso.
Kiera Whittington
Associate Editor (Consumer)
Kiera is a southern Ontario-based editor at Codeless. When she’s not hard at work, you can find her traveling, thrifting, walking her Samoyed dog, or on a volleyball court somewhere.
Samia Osayed
Project Manager
Samia is an applied linguistics graduate turned marketer. Expo 2020 and SWITZ Arabia were her favorite brands to work with! She considers the best part of her life to be in Dubai.
Anna Wood
Ecommerce and Beauty Writer
Anna has been writing for Codeless since 2020. She lives in Australia with her family – and a fluffy white dog named Everest. She enjoys cooking (and eating), listening to retro tunes, and watching B-grade movies.
Damian Davila
Finance Writer
Damian Davila is a Honolulu-based freelance writer with an MBA from the University of Hawaii. He enjoys helping people save money and writes about retirement, taxes, debt, and more.
Erin Gobler
Finance Writer
Meet Erin Gobler. She’s a Wisconsin-based writer. Aaron Rodgers is always stopping by to hang out. Let’s just assume that’s true and keep moving.
Emmy Jenkins (Sundin)
Technical Writer
Emmy is about to serve up some of the very, very best. The mark of a great writer is her ability to turn a humble piece of content into luxurious article drizzled with caviar-like writing. Enjoy.
Bradley Schnitzer
Finance Writer
Bradley is a Michigan-based accountant-turned-copywriter passionate about finance, psychology, and 100 other subjects. He spends his free time in the gym, pursuing several intellectual interests, watching YouTube, and drinking coffee.
Brad Smith
Founder & CEO
Brad is the founder and CEO of Codeless. He’s also the CEO at Wordable and partner at uSERP. He’s been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider, The Next Web, and thousands more.
Maureen Tangag
Workflow Coordinator
As a contractor management specialist and a payroll administrator, Maureen handles all invoice verifications and maintains writer files.
Rachael Troughton
Rach is a Brit currently enjoying life across the pond in Pennsylvania. Having escaped the traditional 9-5, she spends her days focusing on all things people and processes.
Hann Wang
Technical Editor
Hann is a B2B content writer for Codeless and works remotely from Taiwan. When he’s not helping companies grow their brands with awesome content, he spends his free time rock climbing, biking around the city, and catching the latest shows on Netflix.

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