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At Codeless, we use a 42-point grading system to measure the quality of the content we produce.

Get a Codeless expert to run your content through that same content analysis process to help you identify where you might be falling short.

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What is Content Quality Exactly?

Content quality is subjective. Some people like short, choppy sentences. Others, formal flowing prose.

So: who’s right?

It often comes down to personal preference. But it shouldn’t…

SERP-topping, revenue-generating content should be objective. It should all follow proven principles shown to help drive business. And you should be able to ‘grade’ content across this scale to determine whether the content is in fact good or bad — regardless of personal preferences.

That’s what we’ll help you answer with this free Article Audit.

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Here's What You'll Get:

  • Get over 20-pages of personalized recommendations
  • Search optimization feedback with Frase
  • Uncover bottlenecks like grammar, narrative, & media
  • A 30-min call with one of our content consultants
  • Completely free -- no strings or hidden costs


How does the Article Audit work?
Simply apply below with your information, and provide us with the published article URL and keyword you're trying to target. If it looks like a good fit, we'll respond within one business day and get the process rolling.
What are the individual factors you analyze?
We analyze the following:

- Search Optimization: Length, search intent, semantic keywords, internal and external links

- Content Quality: Show vs. tell, grammar, plagiarism, web formatting, readability

- Media: Images, video

- Conversions: Calls to action (CTAs), brand mentions

Do we have to do anything else after applying?
Nope! Our form should capture all of that information we'd need to get started. We'll follow-up to schedule a call, and then you can just sit back and relax until then.
Is the Article Audit really free?
Yes! We do a handful of free Article Audits each month. Unfortunately, due to demand, we can't do one for every single person that applies. But we'll try to reach out and give you an update either way.

Apply Now to Schedule Your Article Audit

Please provide some basic information, and we’ll reach out within one business day if it looks like a good fit. The next step would then be to dive deeper into the piece of content you provided, and start compiling our analysis into a custom report. Then, we’ll meet with your team to deliver our feedback.

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