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The Most Underrated Source for Traffic and Backlinks

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Honestly, most businesses shouldn’t bother with Twitter.

They shouldn’t avoid it, but they shouldn’t make it their number one priority.

Most target markets aren’t on Twitter.

Unless you’re selling to young(er) early adopters or celebrities. Otherwise, it’s time to look elsewhere.

Links back to your website are your lifeblood. You need a diverse, balanced source for sustianable traffic.

There is one overlooked source that has a huge, active audience. These people are passionate, and have a strong community.

You’ll find every market imaginable. And they span all types of shapes, sizes, demographics, and pyschographics.

That one source is…

Gold mine
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Yes I know, how 1999 of me. So Web 1.0.

But people still love forums.

Whether it’s teenagers discussing video games, or middle aged men talking about fishing, there’s a forum for everything.

Here’s a quick guide to finding and using forums. You’ll create backlinks, traffic, and relationships that will help you in the future.

7 Steps to Dominating Forums

Follow these short steps and repeat 5-7 daily or weekly:

1. Set up a Google (RSS) Reader account.

2. Go to It’s a forum search engine.

2. Search for industry or niche specific forums. Make sure you’re searching for long-tail keyphrases.

3. Subscribe to the search result feed. You do this by copying the search result RSS link.

4. Now add the feed to your Google Reader. Here’s how that looks:

5. Monitor every day for chances to respond and add value.

6. Sign up for each forum and complete your profile with links, bio, and a rich signature.

7. Provide help, guidance, insight. You can also leave the occasional link back to your article, product, website when appropriate.

There you have it! You have a concrete, actionable plan to finding rich sources of links, traffic and communities.

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