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What the New Dave Matthews Band CD Can Teach You About Business Follow Up

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business follow up tips from Dave Matthews Band
Here’s what a new CD reminded me about reminding others…

A few days ago I was at a Starbucks trying to fuel up for the morning.

And while waiting for my drink, glanced down at the featured CDs along the counter.

When one of them caught my eye…

And was surprised to find that Dave Matthews Band has come out with a new cd.

So instead of buying it, I quickly pulled out my iPhone and checked my Spotify Premium membership to make sure they had it.

(Remember our discussion about technology disrupting “low cost” companies with legacy cost structures?)

Once I got back in my car, I quickly fired it up and instantly remembered how much I enjoyed them.

During high school and college I used to be a big fan. I’ve probably been to around 10-15 live shows over the years.

But since then I’ve grown up, gotten more responsibilities, started a family and simply forgot about them.

Not that I ever disliked them… or meant to stray away…

Things happen. We’re all busy. So it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks.

(If I didn’t auto-pay my bills, then my electricity would probably be turned off every month.)

This applies to brands, as well as artists.

But this new CD came out, and reminded me of less serious times. I tried to check their tour dates (which is where the REAL money is made for them anyway), but this one is already over and I missed my chance.

The point?

Well… we’re waiting?! (That’s a Caddyshack reference for you movie-buffs.)

I like this artist. I want to willingly give them my money.

But I forgot about them. Not my fault…

It’s theirs.

They never followed up.

There was no “staying-in-touch” after I bought their CDs or attended their live shows. I haven’t seen any other promotions, or updates in my social streams.

I was finally reminded with a new product launch… but it’s too little, too late.

And all it would have taken was a few simple emails.

Because email is the simplest, easiest, highest ROI way to drive new customers, increase engagement and encourage re-purchases from loyal customers (and fans).

Now I don’t like to propose problems without solutions. That’s not my style.

So heres your solution. Get it while it’s hot…

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