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Why Every Business Owner Needs to Manage Their Twitter Account

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Business owners don’t have time for Twitter.

Or so they say.

So they stick an intern in charge of social media. They figure that person is young and inexpensive, so they’ll be able to handle it.

They want to set it and forget it. They’re too busy to get involved with the details.

But the problem is that social media is now your company’s public image. Everyone can interact directly with your company.

And this world exists without you whether you like it or not.

Every business owner needs to have their own Twitter account, even if they only use it 10 minutes a day.

Here’s why.

Twitter Monster
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Latest News

Twitter is the best way to stay up on the latest breaking news.

You can follow industry media outlets, specific journalists, consultants or analysts to get a great, instant picture of what you need to know.

By the time real news hits newspapers, magazines or TV, it’s too late to matter.

Competitive Intelligence

Similar to staying up-to-date on the latest news, you can also gain competitive intelligence by spying on your competition.

Again you can instantly see what your competition is doing and learn from their success or failure.

You’ll be able to get the latest information information on their deals, updates, and even strategic partnerships with other companies.

Good PR

A business owner’s job is to set the strategic vision, and to sell your company’s value to everyone that will listen.

There’s no better way than using public and customer facing tools like Twitter.

It gives you a voice and personality, and helps you stand out from the other nameless, faceless corporations.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an integral part to running a business.

And on Twitter you get a variety of first hand experience that can be invaluable, including;

  • The Good: People will provide helpful tips, suggestions, and other things you may not have thought of
  • The Bad: You can find out the context of customer experiences and address why
  • The Ugly: When things go haywire, you can respond and address immediately

The main problem business owners’ face is that they’re usually detached from interfacing directly with clients and customers. When they need to make key decisions, they’re getting second hand feedback or knowledge.

And you can’t make good decisions if you’re getting bad information.

Fortunately, there is a tool that will help you get all these things.

But there’s probably an intern managing it.

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