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7 Email Marketing Tips for Content Marketers

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Featuring content as your Hero is one of the added benefits of acing your success rates of your Email Marketing Campaign in getting back your ROI. Content-driven Email Marketing Campaigns tend to be a greater hit than sales-driven email marketing.

Reaching heights through content needs publishing content at the correct time, to a relevant audience. Contemplate you’re content with on the trend facts and add beguiling visuals relevant to your content, to keep your readers engaging with your brand.

Here’s an insight on what you should be considering when you are on the verge of content marketing.

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WYSIWYG – Improve your Design

Perfecting your Email Design with an exemplary template that’s interactive, is all you need to present your content.

“What You See, Is What you Get”— Famous for its significance, design your email with precise information and facts on the service you provide and make it crystal clear how special you are  in offering them what you need…  

Interactive emails are often mistaken for HTML emails. Sure they can make your emails bling with colors, that doesn’t mean that it’ll bring in leads if it’s not well design-built.

Mold your HTML emails with,

  • A catchy tagline aka Pre-Header Text,
  • Visuals that acts as infographics,
  • Double-check on the columns and the length of your email,
  • A Call To Action that lands directly on your website,
  • A hyperlink that connects to your prompt customer support desk,
  • Pre-run tests on your built HTML emails, to check the fit in the displays and make sure that there is no loading problem nor navigating issues.

When it’s all about the content, no one will be interested in reading a plain essay composition. Presentation is all that counts, to persuade your customers to engage with your articles and nurture leads from clients.

Interactive content to nurture relationships

With the digital world evolving, marketing your content would need more persuasion and a different angle of perspective to present your content. Be it artifacts, blogs, or even cornerstones, loop them in with GIFs, infographics, DIY videos, hyperlinks, etc. to engage with your readers.

Conducting contests, webinars, and in-person events can lure in more readers when they are designed with the creative fun of your domain. Try adding,” Was this helpful, How can we improve” at the bottom of your content to encourage feedback and positive reviews. Adding a bit of personalization to your emails can exert influencers and steer leads to your landing page.

Making readers participate in a live quiz contest that rewards them, can not only benefit them but also gives you a promising customer relationship and loyalty.

Promoting your brand through these interactive funnels can gain healthy relationships resulting in business growth.

Segmenting your Audience

The audience who have subscribed to your newsletters has voluntarily opted to hear from you. Segmenting them according to their preference can give more advantage in creating positive feedback and leads that are potential to your business.

  • Not everyone has the same set of requirements or likes; curate your brand content personalized to cover each segment.
  • Targeted and relevant content email’s are more like to be opened and has a high conversion rate of 45%
  • Remember the open and conversion rates should be high rather than the bounce rates that seem to be common in non-segmented campaigns.
  • Based on their interests, analyze whether they are into blogs, fun facts, or vlogs that get their attention.
  • Don’t just send the same email to your entire email list. When it’s irrelevant to some users, they tend to unsubscribe from your newsletter and some may end up in the Spam folder.
  • Ask your readers from time to time what particular topics, Vlogs, blogs, genre, are they interested in?

Improve engagement and customer interaction with your brand with access to relevant posts and blogs that get more visits.

Personalize your Marketing Campaigns

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Addressing your subscribers by their first name is not gonna do wonders unless you offer them valid and relevant content. Curate your content according to your reader’s interest and give access based on the content they engage on, blog posts they prefer reading, articles that pique their interest to build up your email list.

  • Craft emails that’s precise to the topic and the services you provide.
  • Curate content that’s reliable, focused, and has compelling messages to bring in more readers.
  • Schedule your emails based on the audience and have an eye on detailing the seasons to handpick blogs and articles that please your readers.

But how can you achieve all of this?

The secret lies in data analytics. By going through vast amounts of data, you can seamlessly figure out trends and derive insights from them. These insights can help you figure out the likes, dislikes, and interests of your audience. Using these insights, you can personalize your offerings.

How to make your Email stand out?

When it comes to Email Marketing, almost all global alliances depend on Email Marketing campaigns to bring in the revenue. Try to lead your email with a catchy phrase at the same time keep in mind to finish up your email within one scroll. Target emails with curated content and personalize them with the relevant promotional content.

Your email marketing strategy should find potential clients who can increase the conversion rates and poach them into leads through efficacious content.

Conduct campaigns offering discounts or freebies which can bring in the eager book worms to land in your best articles.

Add Call-to-actions to your emails that should be attractive at the same time should be provided with relevant content.

Give access to exclusive content and poach readers to subscribe to your brand at promotional prices that can directly drive sales, thereby bringing in more potential leads.

Visuals relevant to your content

Make a hit with intriguing images and minimal content on the visuals to achieve your goal. Infographics in your marketing emails can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance your brand.

Represent information, data, and intended knowledge that gives your client an easy to understand overview of the topic you’re about to publish.

Choose infographics that suit your specific arena and a template that is well constructed with precise information. Apart from visual pop-ups, once a user reads the entire blog or post till the end you can be pretty sure they are interested in your content.

Drip Campaigns to enhance customer relationships

Drip campaign to enhance customer relationships

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Email Marketing Campaigns based on drip campaigns can be scheduled based on your reader’s interests. Drip campaigns come in handy when your focus is on building a strong relationship with your clients. Pre- scheduled emails triggered to match before a book launch or a podcast launch can bring the well-acquainted business values to your brand.

Craft your message, customized to address a topic or purpose, content marketers can nurture their subscriber relationships and turn on leads.

You can coincide the results of your Email campaigns every time you send emails and the ratio of your subscriber’s data to measure the success rate of your campaign.

Paid Marketing theatrics can work in finding the right audience at the same time updating the right content for the customers can do the work. Combining sign-in letters, pop-ups, and Facebook ads with email marketing can get leads and attract subscribers which may change into paying customers with the correct email list strata.

Maintaining a healthy email list and engaging readers is important in growing your database. Content Marketers can achieve the invested ROI, promotion, brand empowerment, and content propaganda in no time with Email Marketing.

Get long-term ROI.

We help you grow through expertise, strategy, and the best content on the web.