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Content Writing Tips for Landing Pages

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The content on the landing page is the first thing the potential customers see. However, the purpose of that page is not to offer a place to people where they can land. People need to gather all the relevant pieces of information there that will convince them to take action.

If the website owners know how to write content properly, their landing page will produce conversions. In other words, the purpose of a landing page is to drive sales.

On the other hand, if the content is not engaging and valuable, the landing page will only collect a high bounce rate. Unfortunately, in that case, the Google ranking of the websites won’t improve. Despite that, the number of sales will stagnate or decrease.

The good news for all the website owners is that solution to their problem exists. Of course, there is always an option to use some best essay writing service reviews. The writing experts can help website owners produce a good piece of content.

Yet, website owners can also improve the quality of their content on their own. That is the reason why they should hear a couple of content writing tips for landing pages. In that way, they will know which things they need to improve or change. Let’s find out those tips together!

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Get Familiar with Requirements of Your Target Audience

People need to invest an effort to find out who they are talking to. That is the reason why every website owner needs to determine the characteristics of his target audience. To start, the owners should analyze their demographics, age, gender, etc. After that, they should put into consideration some additional characteristics such as interests, habits, concerns, etc. The characteristics of their target audience will tell them which type of content should be on their landing page.

Highlight the Most Important Information First

When a person lands on your website, he wants to know more about who you are. However, that doesn’t mean website owners should immediately start describing the features of a product or service. Instead of that, they should highlight the benefits visitors will get if they decide to research the website.

(Image Source)

Utilizing fleet telematics, CalAmp offers an inspiring approach to the domain. Their platform is a boon for fleet owners aiming to enhance driving safety. Rather than delving into intricate platform details, CalAmp’s landing page prioritizes the advantages it brings.

In this case, the visitors will manage to reduce fleet collisions, incentivize driver safety, and coach high-risk drivers. Despite that, they will get an eBook where they can read valuable pieces of advice. As people can see, they do not even talk about the steps people will find out. Instead of that, they want to convince people that their eBook deserves the attention of the visitors.

However, that is the reason why the next step is essential as well!

Be Direct and Include Call-to-Action Part

Writing in the first or third-person will make the visitors feel special. In that way, the website owners will manage to personalize their landing page. Using the phrases like “you” and “yours” is the best way to make the visitor feel special.

We can use the land-based stores to make things clear. When someone enters the shop, the employee will come and ask, “Hello, how can I help you?” Landing pages are pages for lead generation and serve as a replacement for that employee that people can find in traditional stores. That is the reason why writing in the third-person brings better results.

Of course, brands can also, in some cases, use “we” in their content. However, in that case, they should more focus on the customers instead of the promotion of the business. For example, they can use “we” when they want to compassionate with the issue that the customer wants to solve. After that, the brand can offer the solution in form of benefits that we previously mentioned.

On the other hand, writing the content in the third-person without call-to-action parts won’t result in new sales. CTA part can come in different shapes and sizes. The phrases brands commonly use are “Find Out More. “Shop”, “Continue”, etc. Of course, the website owners should use the most applicable one for their needs. The examples below may make things clearer.

webprofits landing page

(Image Source)

Shopify landing page

(Image Source)

However, the way Shopify did it deserves more attention. By entering their email, people won’t only get access to a free trial. They will automatically subscribe to the newsletters as well. In other words, the effective landing page also allows website owners to start another type of advertising.

Of course, email marketing won’t be effective if website owners do not determine the proper time to send emails. For instance, people usually take their phones before they go to bed. In that case, the period between 8 PM and midnight may be the best one. However, additional researches are required in that case as well.

Keep the Content Simple

Using wordy sentences and confusing terms is not the way to show professionalism and expertise. If website owners have that goal, they should include testimonials, case studies, or anything else that will confirm their quality.

The landing page content needs to be as simple as possible. First of all, people should use some eye-pleasing fonts that won’t drive the visitor away. Despite that, they should focus their effort on formatting the content adequately. For example, short sentences and paragraphs are essential. On the other hand, website owners should divide the content with headings and subheadings as well. In that way, they will make it easy-to-read. The landing page below will be a good example of how content should be organized.

Taster's Club landing page

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Edit and Proofread Content before Releasing It

Grammatical and spelling mistakes are normal things in the content writing industry. These mistakes usually occur when people start dealing with a lack of concentration. However, a small grammatical mistake can harm the reputation of a business. That is the reason why website owners should check the content before publishing it to their landing page.

Fortunately, living in the 21st century is amazing for many reasons. People can find many writing tools online like Grammarly, Hemingway, and others that can boost the quality of their content. On the other hand, not all business owners are talented content writers. They can also look for the best essay writing service and make the job easier in that way. The assistance they get can help them increase sales and keep their reputation safe.

Final Thought

These five writing tips will help website owners make their landing page more effective. The purpose of adequate content is to grab the attention of the visitor and convince him to take action.

It doesn’t matter if the content is valuable or not. If the structure of the landing page is not eye-pleasing, there is a big chance the visitor won’t even start reading.

On the other hand, the tone and style of writing need to be matchable with visitor’s requirements. It is recommendable for the website owners to use phrases that their target audience would usually use.

Despite that, they should also look for relevant search terms and add them to their content. In that way, they will manage to boost the Google rankings of their website.

Being direct and highlighting all the benefits of the product/services you are offering will potentially increase sales. However, that is the reason why website owners should define their target audience. In that way, they will know which concerns and expectations their customers have.

Get long-term ROI.

We help you grow through expertise, strategy, and the best content on the web.