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7 Ways to Double Your Sales by Decreasing Customer Risk

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One of the things holding back your conversions are the risks your prospects face.

Maybe they don’t believe your product will help them, and they’re scared of buyers remorse. Or maybe they just don’t trust putting their credit card information into your site.

Here are 7 ways to double your sales today by decreasing your prospects’ risk.

Decrease your prospects risk to increase conversions
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1. Testimonials

The best way to sell something, is to have other people do it for you.

Testimonials provide the evidence and benefits from a trustful third party. However there are two things that will make-or-break their effectiveness.

They need to be ultra specific. How exactly did you help the person? General explanations won’t help. You need to make sure your testimonials explain exactly how someone benefited.

They need to address objections. What are common objections you hear from prospects? When you provide evidence that your product/service can overcome these objections, then you become much more credible.

2. Logos

Logos are great examples of social proof. They help reassure people that you’re credible and authoritative.

Many times, people don’t consciously examine your website. So having logos from companies you’ve worked with quickly communicates trust in the blink of an eye.

3. Phone Number

Another easy way to inspire confidence in your business is by putting a company phone number on every page.

Just knowing that there’s someone to contact will help prospects trust you.

There are two easy, cheap solutions.

1. Google Voice: You can easily set up a free, Google Voice number and forward it to any other phone. This gives you a quick and dirty solution if you don’t want to hand out your personal home or cell numbers.

2. Grasshopper: If you want a more elegant solution, then Grasshopper gives you an virtual phone number and messaging system. You can get a toll-free number, extensions, and more starting as low as $9.95 per month.

4. Live Chat

Have you been on a website recently and seen a small, live chat pop-up?

These are really helpful answering questions and helping people overcome objections in real-time.

Olark is an easy, affordable solution. It can integrate with your favorite IM service and CRM databases. Another option you can leverage is conversational AI tools from companies like Dialpad that can handle any kind of customer questions.

You can also set up teams and have anyone in your company receive messages. It will then generate reports to track ROI, operator performance and more.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve all had buyer’s remorse. It’s that dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize you spent too much and wasted your money.

You’ll never be successful if you have to trick or manipulate customers into buying.

So instead of high pressure tactics, reverse the risk completely.

Take the burden off customers, and give them a free trial period or money back guarantee.

6. Site Protection

If you’re taking customer’s personal information, or selling anything directly on your site, then it has to be secure.

An SSL certificate uses a third party to verify the security of your domain and company in a transaction. You can tell if a company has one by looking at the web address.

The first clue is “https://” instead of the regular “https://”.

The second clue is a visual green bar that may look like this:

You can get a good, cheap one from GoDaddy SSL Certificate.

7. Safe Badges

Finally, use other common badges to help people believe in you.

Some examples include a Hacker Safe, or Better Business Bureau (BBB) icon.

It’s very hard to demonstrate trust to new visitors. But this is one easy solution that immediately gives you credibility.

And buying online begins with trust.

So instead of telling people that you’re trustworthy, show them by reducing their risk as much as possible.

Get long-term ROI.

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