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How to Grow a Thriving Twitter Community in 15 Minutes per Day

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Twitter can be a powerful networking tool, or a complete waste of time.

It’s all in how you use it.

Here is how you can grow a thriving Twitter community in less than 15 minutes a day.

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1. Follow the Right People

Building a large follower count isn’t hard.

There are automated-following programs, and people who will auto-follow you if you follow them. So it’s easy to build a faux-follower count. Here’s one example list.

I don’t recommend this. You should really focus on building organic follower growth over time. So only follow people you want to connect, interact, or respect.

You want engaged followers. Otherwise your audience won’t respond, click, or buy. And that’s what really matters. So don’t worry about the number of followers you have.

(And your Klout score shouldn’t matter either. It can also be gamed easily.)

2. Focus on Reaching Out, Replying & RTing

Twitter is really good for connecting with other influential people. And it’s the best for staying-in-touch.

So focus heavily on reaching out to new people, replying to others, and RTing worthy material. This will help you maximize your social media results in only a few minutes per day.

3. Create Private Lists

After you begin following a lot of people, your Home Feed quickly becomes useless.

So instead, focus on the people that you really want to connect with and group them together with private lists.

For example, I’ve created private lists in Hootsuite that help me manage who’s tweets I actually want to read.

So I have may have a list of friends, another for bloggers, and another of people I want to hopefully connect with over time. Anytime I login, these are the lists that get my attention.

4. Curate & Schedule Content

Another important element of your Twitter strategy is to share other people’s content that you like and admire.

These people will notice, which earns good Karma.

And you’ll begin building a following in your specific niche or industry. More people will notice because you’ll appear really active (even if you’re not). 🙂

So start curating content and scheduling it to go out automatically, so you can get back to work!

5. Auto-Schedule Your Own Posts

Finally, it’s important to share you own material.

You don’t want to overdo it, but you want to make sure you’re at least giving yourself a chance. There’s also an easy way to automate the process.

If you’re using WordPress, you can install a plugin called Tweet Old Post. Now have it send out your existing blog content from the past week, or further back in your archives.

This helps you automate the boring, repetitive and mundane stuff. And you can focus on the real goal… actually connecting with other people.

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