8 Lead Generation Tactics for Your SaaS Startup

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You’ve got a great product, tons of traffic and some happy customers. Everything is going well for your SaaS startup. But now you need to generate leads; otherwise the growth will stop and all that success could be gone in an instant.

The good news is there are lots of different ways you can generate new leads for your company – so many that it might seem overwhelming! But don’t worry: we’re here to help you out with 8 lead generation tactics every SaaS company should know about right now.

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Host educational webinars

Hosting webinars is a great way to generate new leads. The best thing about them is that they are usually free. You can figure out the details with your marketing team, but here’s an outline of how it works:

  1. Have a prerecorded video (usually around 45 minutes) designed for potential customers and prospects
  2. Invite people to register using the event registration form at least 24 hours before the event will start in order to get assigned their own copy of the presentation
  3. Give attendees handouts or links during the session if you want to include more content on your website afterwards as well. It may cost money upfront, but hosting educational webinars could help make up for any initial expenses through increased lead generation over time!

Webinars are  a great way to educate potential customers on your product and what it can do for them. It’s just as important that you share the benefits of why they should choose you over other solutions in their space, too!

Launch a referral program

Why do referral programs perform so well in SaaS startups?

Referral programs build brand equity by making your users feel like they’re a part of what you’re doing. No one recommends products they don’t truly believe in, especially young startups. Referrals build word of mouth while bringing in new qualified leads: two birds with one stone!

When it comes to SaaS products, referral programs play a crucial role in fostering trust and credibility within a competitive market. SaaS, known for its intangible nature, heavily relies on user experiences and trust in the software’s functionality. A well-designed referral program not only incentivizes existing users but also amplifies their sense of ownership and satisfaction with the product.

Referral marketing is one of the most cost-efficient lead sources for startups if done right. Leveraging your existing customers to bring in new leads is a winning solution if you already offer an excellent product and customer service. Since trust is the basis of every successful referral program, you need to make sure your marketing and customer service teams are on the same page when it comes to what a referral is worth.

Choosing the right referral rewards makes it more likely that you’ll get quality leads instead of just any old lead. These will be qualified prospects who have heard about your company before and from someone they trust!

Create a product explainer video

Businesses may be familiar with the benefits of a picture, but there is also another way to use visuals which can spur people into an action. Despite the popularity of video content, many businesses are discouraged from producing videos because of the time and money involved. This makes it difficult to compete with companies who create videos for the same content. However, there are a number of ways you can go about creating a product explainer video without breaking the bank.

Video production is important because customers want to know what they’re buying in as little time as possible – and that means producing high-quality visuals which tell them exactly how or why your company’s products work.

A/B test your landing pages

A/B testing is a great way to test different versions of your website in order to find out what works best for you. Landing pages are important because they’re the first page that greets visitors when they go on your site, so it’s imperative that these landing pages have all of the information needed – and nothing more!

You should use A/B tests as a guide: if one version consistently performs better than another, then you’ll want to implement this new design with confidence knowing it will generate higher conversions.

A/B testing is an excellent way to see what resonates with your target audience and make changes accordingly. You’ll be able to know if you need more in depth information on a specific page or whether the design of that landing page needs an update.

Here are some things you may want to A/B test on your site:

  • Headline text on the homepage
  • Headline text in a blog post
  • Headline text on a product listing page
  • The color of the CTA button
  • The position of your CTAs on the homepage

It can be helpful for businesses to have an A/B test strategy ahead of time, because not every change may work out as well as you hope! Some changes should stick and others need more refinement; it’s important that you know which is which so that you’re constantly improving rather than regressing. It takes some trial and error but it will take less time with each iteration if you keep at it!

In short: A/B testing is  the key to finding out what works for you and your business.

Create a social media marketing plan

Social media marketing is one of the best sources for lead generation. Why? With so many people on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all the time – it’s an easy way to get your product out there!

The key with a social media marketing plan is to know what you’re talking about before plunging in. Social media campaigns are most successful when they have a specific niche or target audience who will find value from that campaign instead of trying to be everything at once.

You also need to find the right balance between posts about your product and posts that are engaging but not necessarily related. Too many promotional messages on social media can turn customers away, so make sure you’re only sending out relevant content!

Look for untapped niches in your industry

There’s no point wasting time and money trying to market a SaaS company tool when there are other companies already doing it well – so why bother? Instead of fighting against these established competitors who have more resources than you do, take a look at what niches haven’t been tapped yet by anyone else. These untapped markets could be filled with potential leads if you know how best to approach them!

If I find a company that’s hiring but doesn’t have any CRM software listed on their website, it may be because they’re using something else. On the other hand if I see that every single one of these companies is running some kind of CRM solution – then maybe this niche isn’t as untapped as I thought!

The key to finding niches in your industry? Use all available resources and follow up with research until you’ve got a good idea about what’s happening in your target market right now!

Talk directly with your audience

Engaging directly with your audience, for example, through cold emailing, is one of the most effective ways you can engage in lead generation. You can leverage chatbots to better your audience approach. The data collected from the potential audience using a conversational chatbot can be priceless in the long run. Numerous chatbot building platforms provide such advanced data collection capabilities that can help you understand your leads better.

This strategy has many different benefits including being able to learn what’s important or frustrating about their experience with your company so that you know how best to improve it! You also get feedback on new products before even releasing them – getting valuable insights from customers who could turn into loyal advocates if only given the chance!

A few good ways to create direct engagement include hosting Q&A sessions through social media platforms like Facebook Live, Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse.

Produce valuable blog content

Blogging is one of the best ways to improve your SEO and bring in organic leads over time.

Blog content provides another avenue for lead generation by providing free advice or knowledge so that readers are inclined to want more – whether it’s through connecting with them directly at their workplace or signing up for an email newsletter.

Thought leadership via blogging is a great way to generate new SaaS leads because it positions you as a knowledgeable expert in your industry. Creating engaging blog content will bring in new leads over time.

The key is finding the right balance between posts about your product and posts that are engaging but not necessarily related. Too many promotional messages on social media can turn customers away, so make sure you’re only sending out relevant content.

In closing

Thanks for reading this article on the different ways you can generate new leads! There are many strategies that startups can use, but keep in mind which work best with your budget and desired outcome.

Hopefully after reading this, your mind is buzzing with SaaS lead generation ideas you can take all the way to the bank. This is a crucial moment in your business’ growth, so make sure to take a moment to sit down and assess each of these tactics. Choosing which tactics make the most sense for you, your team and your brand is key to sustainable growth.

Get long-term ROI.

We help you grow through expertise, strategy, and the best content on the web.