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5 Links that Shed Light on what the Future Holds

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How bad content can actually hurt your business.

Get the most out of Twitter’s brand new features.

Beware of getting caught up in social media noise.

All that and more in this week’s Top 5.

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1. How Cheap, Crappy Content Destroys Your Inbound Marketing

Content is an integral part of online marketing. But people misunderstand how content marketing actually works. It’s not good enough to throw up thin, cliche content. And it can actually hurt you.

2. The New, New Twitter and the Embed Feature

Twitter came out with a new redesign to hopefully make it easier to use and understand for beginners. But they also came out with a host of other new features including brand pages, and the ability to embed tweets.

3. 5 Key Ways to Maximize Email Marketing Effectiveness

Email marketing is one of the most profitable online marketing channels. But most people are leaving money on the table. If you improve email marketing open rates and conversions, then you’ll able to squeeze more money out of your list.

4. The Trap of Social Media Noise

Social media gives businesses the chance to create a real audience of loyal people. But beware of the social media noise. Seth puts it perfectly in the opening line;

If we put a number on it, people will try to make the number go up.

5. 43% of People on Mobile Devices Check their Email over Four Times per Day

People are using their mobile devices more than ever before. And that’s especially true when checking their email, using social media and looking for your business. Don’t miss this giant opportunity.

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