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How to Get Over 500% More Traffic with a Long-Tail SEO Strategy

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“Social tactics are not meaningful sales drivers”, according to market research giant Forrester.

So what does drive new customers?

Paid search and SEO.

Paid search works well because people show intent by typing in what they’re looking for, and then you (the advertiser) only have to pay based on performance.

It works really well, and you can still build a business on paid search traffic alone.

But in the long-term, SEO is a better investment.

Here’s why…

Why SEO is the Best Investment You Can Make

SEO is the best source of traffic you can get.

For a variety of reasons.

But the most important one is because you get compounding growth.

When you use advertising to drive traffic, you’re stuck in a fixed ratio. For example, you pay $100 for 50 visits at $2 per click. That may fluctuate a little bit, but it’s not going to move around much.

So in this case, 1 + 1 = 2.

But not with SEO.

SEO’s growth compounds based on the cumulative effects of your efforts. So you investment one amount over time, and the return you get grows indefinitely.

In this case, 1 + 1 = 3.

When you spend $100 on advertising each month, you’ll make $120, leaving you with a profit of $20. You have to continue reinvesting that capital to continue bringing in the same $20 profit.

When you spend $100 on SEO each month, you might not receive any profit the first few months. But after awhile, you’ll start receiving thousands of dollars in profit each month (while only having to invest the same $100).

So if you’re building a business for the long-term, SEO is one of the best investments of time, energy and money you can make.

But as with anything, there’s also a downside…

How to Protect Yourself from Google’s Algorithm Updates

Because SEO traffic is relatively inexpensive and extremely valuable, people try to manipulate system.

Humans are flawed creatures. We like instant gratification, and something-for-nothing.

The real value in SEO comes in the long-term. But people make short-sighted decisions which jeopardize your ultimate results.

In response, Google updates it’s search algorithm on consistent basis.

So that brilliant loophole you discovered which worked for a few months now backfires. And your fire hose of traffic is cut off.

This leveling of the playing field happens once or twice a year, and can decimate some websites.

But if you’re using a sound, long-term strategy, than you can actually benefit from these updates.

It all has to do with your approach…

Why Long-Tail SEO is the Best Strategy You Can Use

It’s time to be brutally honest.

It’s almost impossible for you (and me) to compete with large brands spending $100,000+ a year on SEO. So we can’t go after the same popular keyphrases.

But that’s OK, because you’ll just waste time and energy in that vicious bloodbath.

Instead, you need to get more specific.

The key to increasing sales from SEO traffic is to target keyphrases that convert at a higher percentage. Which typically means longer, more descriptive ones.

These ones are also easier to rank for, because they’re less competitive. So you can see results sooner.

Here’s an example of how I used this strategy to grow a new website’s SEO traffic by 500% in only 6 months:

A long-tail SEO strategy is the best way to get more traffic from search engines.

So if you can evolve your strategy, and be patient, then you’ll be able to get this profitable, high-quality SEO traffic on a consistent basis.

Get long-term ROI.

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