HubSpot Alternatives: How To Make The Best Decision For Your Business

Are you looking for a platform that will attract people, convert leads, and help you close deals? If you are, you need an app with various marketing-based functionalities, which allow the sales and marketing team to manage the bulk of their activities in one spot.

Enter HubSpot, the leading app for inbound marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM). Even though HubSpot is truly remarkable, you need to pay up for the majority of its services.

This might lead you to start looking around for alternatives but, finding all the necessary information about them is more complicated than it looks.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with sufficient information about HubSpot alternatives that will hopefully push you into making an informed decision.

HubSpot alternatives:

  • Responsely
  • EngageBay
  • Drip

Introduction to HubSpot

“There’s a better way to grow.”

HubSpot is a platform that features most of the tools necessary for the sales and marketing departments. 

In a sense, it’s a hub that helps manage all marketing and sales efforts of a company in one place. Since everything happens on one platform, a company that uses HubSpot can expect better overall synchronization between said departments.

What’s Offered by HubSpot?

  • Various website building tools, and tools for social media management, content posting, emailing automation, lead nurture, etc.
  • Synchronization of marketing and sales departments within a company, with a wide array of sales tools and closed-loop reporting capabilities.
  • Easy integration with many popular business apps, such as Slack, Shopify, Surveymonkey, etc.
  • Growth and learning potential via HubSpot User Groups (HUGs), which connect you with people from the field from across the globe.

How Much Does HubSpot Cost?

HubSpot consists of four main features: the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and CMS Hub. All features except the CMS Hub come with free versions. All versions include a 14-day trial.

The Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub features each cost $50 per month when paid monthly or $45 per month when paid on a yearly basis. The CMS Hub costs $300 or $270 per month, depending on whether you pay on a monthly or yearly basis.

This is for the Starter package. The Professional and Enterprise packages are much more expensive at $450 and $1200. 

HubSpot plans of pricing

Alternative #1: Responsely

“Collect feedback to create products people love”

Introduction to Responsely

Feedback campaigns are a brilliant way to find out more about your customers. This is exactly what Responsely focuses on – viewing, deleting, and exporting responses from feedback campaigns. With this platform, you can gauge your customer satisfaction, loyalty, and potential pain points in a matter of minutes. You can also customize, brand, and create these campaigns.

What’s Offered by Responsely

  • Responsely uses an interesting method of text responses and emoji buttons for capturing the gist of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and pain points – how your customer feels using your product/service/platform.
  • Responsely’s analytics tools allow you to gauge the success rate of your products/services/features.
  • The platform provides the user with actionable data in real-time with the goal of helping them decide which steps to take to further improve their products/services/features.

How Much Does Responsely Cost?

Responsely, unlike HubSpot, has very straightforward pricing options. The free plan allows you to launch three campaigns, using almost the full extent of the platform’s features and tools. 

The Pro plan costs $15 per month and gives the user access to unlimited campaigns and team members. This plan also allows integration with Slack and Shopify. 

Either way, Responsely is a much cheaper alternative to HubSpot.

responsely plans and pricing

Alternative #2: EngageBay

“Market better. Sell faster. Support smarter.”

Introduction to EngageBay

EngageBay is an all-in-one suite for all marketing purposes. You get a CRM platform with sales enablement tools, appointment scheduling software, and contact management features. SMS marketing, automation, email sequences, landing pages, you name it, EngageBay has it.

What’s Offered by EngageBay

  • Using cutting-edge CRM telephony software, EngageBay allows you to track both the content and the context of all conversations with your clients. This allows for more detailed target marketing.
  • Thanks to the appointment scheduling software, a client can schedule a meeting with you, which ensures that they will stick with the appointment.
  • EngageBay’s email tools can be synced with Gmail and Outlook, and allow you to review the email status, get real-time notifications, manage your contacts, and offer email templates.

How Much Does EngageBay Cost?

There are four available plans with EngageBay.

The Free plan offers a slew of useful features that you might be able to make work, unlike HubSpot’s free plans.

The Basic plan costs $8.99 per user per month and gives you everything you get with the Free plan, plus email templates, the social suite, web pop-ups, SMS marketing, and various other features.

The Growth plan costs $29.99 per user per month and builds on the Basic plan with great tools such as various A/B testing options.

Finally, the Pro plan, which costs $47.99 per user per month, gives you marketing automation, custom reporting, phone support, uptime monitoring SLA, etc.

EngageBay plans and pricing

Alternative #3: Drip

“Make more money with smarter marketing.”

Introduction to Drip

This is an eCommerce CRM, or ECRM platform that provides various marketing automation features, with a focus on eCommerce platforms. The user gets cutting-edge automation for email marketing and various customer insights and data options.

What’s Offered by Drip

  • Tracking Events allows you to track the behavior of your clients or leads, which helps the user build a fantastic marketing campaign.
  • The personalization features allow you to track customer behavior and send related emails based on the leads’ behavior.
  • Drip offers various third-party integration options, and its personalized advertising options are available for Facebook and Instagram, as well.

How Much Does Drip Cost?

First of all, Drip has a 14-day free trial. After the trial period, Drip allows you to use all its core features and send unlimited emails. So, if the core features are good enough for you, you can use Drip for free.

The paid version starts at $19 per month and is good for 1-500 people in an account. As the number of people in your account grows, so does the monthly payment for Drip. Use the slider here to get more details about Drip’s pricing options.

drip plans and pricing

The Best HubSpot Alternative

We are sure that each of the three mentioned alternatives will find its own fans. However, Responsely truly is the best HubSpot alternative. The free plan is great in itself. But, if it doesn’t suit your needs, the

$15/month option is more than satisfactory for most. There is no better way to truly and honestly gauge your customer’s feedback, satisfaction, and pain points than with Responsely. Especially considering its low price.

Try out Responsely’s main features for free and see how great it is for yourself.

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