Ontraport Alternatives: How To Find The Best Option For Your Business

While Ontraport is one of the best email automation and marketing software tools, it has features that make it more similar to CRM software

However, it can lack some of the depth that a dedicated CRM solution has, which complicates its use as an email marketing software. Users might want to separate these two aspects of marketing or want a more robust CRM tool suite to align with their growing company needs.

This guide will provide some Ontraport alternatives for both email and customer relationship management , so you can properly gauge what you’re missing out on and whether you want to switch to a different solution.

Introduction to Ontraport

“The sales and marketing platform for growing businesses.”

Ontraport is one of the fastest-growing email marketing tools on the market, quickly surpassing older alternatives that have failed to scope modern marketing demands for quick, efficient, and customizable email campaigns.

Ontraport goes beyond email marketing to include a robust CRM suite that follows through the entire customer lifecycle and aims to recur as many subscriptions as possible with a comprehensive marketing automation tool.

What’s Offered by Ontraport?

  • Marketing optimized for emails, SMS marketing, forms, and landing pages
  • Unique tools to improve membership site creation
  • Payment and event management for overseeing the workflow
  • Personalized emails with customizable templates
  • Unlimited email options
  • Lead generation, management, optimization, and marketing
  • Customer behavior tracking
  • Payment and affiliate processing platform
  • Website landing page builder
  • Intuitive UI for reports and task creation
  • Dashboards and multiple views for data and pipelines
  • Social media integration and ad-builder
  • Extensive integration, especially with payment methods and affiliate programs

How Much Does Ontraport Cost?

Ontraport’s pricing will largely depend on the number of subscribers you want to have in your mailing lists. The Basic plan will usually work well for startups that work small. 

Ontraport offers seamless transition between their user plans, and enterprises with more than 20000 subscribers will get a customized quote. However, at that point, it’s much more likely they’ll need a heavy-duty CRM to handle the workload.

Ontraport also offers a 14-day trial for their services to introduce their system to new clients and work out if their CRM solution and email marketing combination is the right fit for them.

Alternative #1: monday.com

“Work OS: the visual platform that manages everything.“

Introduction to monday.com

While this CRM software was previously known as dapulse, monday.com has been rebuilt as a visually guided system that uses intuitive UI to help users collaborate, organize tasks, and achieve the best sales records through customer interaction pipelines. 

It focuses on giving its users more freedom, providing data-driven results, and customizing its appearance and function to suit a wider range of industries.

What’s Offered by monday.com?

  • Innovative UI design, with over eight different board views
  • Conversation threads for every project, allowing users to collaborate inside the platform
  • Automated tasks and task organization, in addition to current task overview with a focus on scheduled projects
  • Allows guest access to the company’s boards and charts, increasing external marketing efforts
  • Can be integrated with over 50 apps, with a limit of 250 actions on two apps for a Standard package plan
  • Spreadsheet-oriented design, similar to existing services and easy to learn

How Much Does monday.com Cost?

This CRM solution scales based on the number of people in the company. Since the smallest tier starts at three seats, an entrepreneur will need to pay extra if they’re doing all the work alone. 

Additionally, the seat tiers are fixed (i.e. There is a 40 and a 50 seat category, but not 42). This changes the actual price per user slightly, since you have to buy the next available tier regardless of the actual number of users.

Monday.com has a free 14-day trial to start users off and teach them about this marketing automation platform.

Alternative #2: Mailchimp

“Mailchimp helps small businesses do big things, with the right tools and guidance every step of the way.”

Introduction to Mailchimp

At its conception, Mailchimp was only an email marketing management platform, very similar to what Ontraport started with. 

However, it has since grown to include more CRM-oriented tools, making it one of the best Ontraport alternatives based on the available pool of features you can use. If you’re switching from Ontraport, you may find Mailchimp intuitive to use based on prior experience, due to their relative similarity.

What’s Offered by Mailchimp?

  • Free plan perfect for a startup
  • Customizable ad campaigns, email management, automation and a variety of email templates to start from
  • Integrated Facebook and Instagram ad-builder tool for social media crossposts
  • Autoresponder that helps sales personnel keep track of user experience and details
  • User behavior trackers
  • A/B testing for landing page designs
  • Additional website building tools, including form management
  • CRM-oriented analytics and reports
  • Extensive knowledge base with articles and blog posts with free marketing advice

How Much Does Mailchimp Cost?

Mailchimp’s price scales with your subscriber list. One of the most notable features is the free plan, which is essentially an unlimited trial period if you’re looking to get acquainted with the platform and learn its tricks. 

A small business owner can use the free plan to send attractive emails to prospective clients, jumpstart sales, and progress through the other plans as needed.

Alternative #3: Salesforce

“Bring your CRM to the future.”

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce is long regarded as one of the top competitors in the CRM market, and for a good reason. With decades of CRM invention under the belt, Salesforce’s initial platform has evolved and spread out to cover many industries and job markets and deliver a perplexing number of software solutions to its customer base.

What’s Offered by Salesforce?

  • Some of the most comprehensive CRM tools on the market, including reports, live chat options, detailed customer behavior patterns, and department task allocation
  • Sales prediction methods based on previous data
  • CRM suite separated into sales, management, and marketing plans to give you exactly what you need at the right time
  • Scalable designs that can help small businesses reach new audiences while also improving consumer response times for large enterprises
  • Intuitive contact and sales management tools with detailed data-driven templates
  • Collaboration tools in-platform
  • Email and social media integration for marketing management

How Much Does Salesforce Cost?

Salesforce offers a varied suite of software suites, however, we’ll look at their CRM solution for small businesses. Compared to the relatively affordable pricing of Ontraport and monday.com, Salesforce can be quite an elaborate and expensive piece of software. You can add more elements to this later, for an additional price.

Salesforce also offers a 30 day trial to try out the platform’s essential functions and establish whether you need a comprehensive CRM software or just an email management tool.

Alternative #4: EngageBay

“EngageBay has got to be the most powerful all-in-one tool for small businesses.”

Introduction to EngageBay

Although a newer entrant in the CRM market, EngageBay has quickly become the go-to software for small businesses looking for an affordable, unified solution. It is trusted by over 30,000 businesses and has won awards from review platforms. 

One of the best alternatives to Ontraport, EngageBay offers a host of marketing, sales, and customer service tools neatly categorized into ‘Bays.’ With free onboarding and migration services, switching from Ontraport is pretty easy. 

What’s Offered by EngageBay?

  • Forever free plan for up to 15 users
  • Predictive lead scoring to help you grab hot leads
  • Visual drag-and-drop landing page and email form builder
  • Autoresponders and canned responses for quick and automated emailing 
  • A/B testing for both landing pages and email forms
  • Visual automation workflow builder with a host of actions and conditions
  • 2-way calendar sync 
  • Dozens of integrations, including Zapier, Xero, Shopify, CallHippo, AWS, and JustCall
  • 360-degree customer view for a holistic view of each customer

How Much Does EngageBay Cost?

EngageBay offers four pricing plans.

The Free plan offers 500 contacts and up to 1,000 branded emails a month. You also get access to a sizable number of tools, including audience segmentation, a social suite, integrations, Live Chat, video marketing, landing page builder, autoresponders, and more. 

Depending on the number of contacts and the tools you need, you can also choose from Basic, Growth, and Pro plans. With the Pro plan, you get unlimited contacts and 50,000 branded emails at just $79.99.

EngageBay also offers a 20% discount on annual plans and a 40% discount on biennial plans. 

CRM or Email Management, at Your Fingertips

Ontraport is kind of middle-of-the-pack as a CRM, since it focuses a lot on email management and campaigning. Its features are veritably great for businesses that are starting out and need a solid foundation to work on, but some companies might prefer other software that has a more singular purpose.

Monday.com is a more CRM-oriented suite that lacks some of the payment processing and email options, but has powerful integration capabilities, allowing the company to customize its features according to their industry and mission.

MailChimp returns more to the basics, with less focus on extensive CRM and payments, but extensively using email campaigns to their advantage. It’s also one of the best deals for startups, since it can be entirely free for a while.

On the other hand, Salesforce is one of the leading CRM software companies, and nobody can deny that it’s a behemoth in its own right.

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