Zoho Alternatives: Which CRM Tool Is Best For Your Business?

Whether we’re talking about large-scale businesses or small startups, you need a quality CRM tool. Most businesses communicate via multiple channels, tackle many tasks simultaneously, and require CRM insights in order to thrive. 

After all, your customers are your bread and butter, and their satisfaction ensures their retention.

Zoho is the obvious choice here. However, it might not be precisely what you’re looking for.

CRM platforms are very much in-demand. With great demand comes great brand availability. So, deciding which product to go with can be very time-consuming.

In this article, we’ve rounded up three brilliant alternative CRM options that might suit you better than Zoho.

Zoho alternatives:

  • Responsely
  • Freshworks
  • InfoFlo


“Unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business, brought to you by a company with the long term vision to transform the way you work.”

Introduction to Zoho

If you’re into marketing and have already researched your CRM options, you’ve doubtlessly heard about Zoho. Although the software solution has 45 SaaS products within it, its CRM aspect remains its flagship. It is a full-featured CRM suite with a ton of features and integration capacities.

What’s Offered by Zoho

  • Zoho is a very user-friendly CRM system with fantastic email options. The simplicity here, however, doesn’t mean that the tool isn’t thorough and detailed.
  • You may think that Zoho’s high popularity has a matching price tag, but the platform is actually low-cost.
  • Dedicated customer support that doesn’t refrain from dedicating time to their clients.
  • The CRM aspect is only one of many Zoho features.

How Much Does Zoho Cost?

The platform comes with five pricing options: Free+, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Each plan boasts the features of the previous one, plus, it offers a variety of extra ones.

Every Zoho subscription features a free trial, so you can check the product out before buying it. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly, the latter of which is 20% cheaper.

Alternative #1: Responsely

“Collect actionable feedback to understand what your customers need”

Introduction to Responsely

Interestingly, not enough CRMs on the market focus on feedback campaigns. Most of them do offer features for this, but not many of them tackle feedback as uniquely and dedicatedly as Responsely. Deleting, exporting, and analyzing customer feedback is this platform’s main aim. 

Compared to Zoho, Responsely is much better at truly gauging your customers’ satisfaction. Discovering potential pain points and how to retain loyalty has been made very easy here.

What’s Offered by Responsely

  • Thanks to Responsely’s highly detailed analytics tools, you can specifically gauge and track the rate of success when it comes to what your business offers. This way, you can discover the true golden egg within your offer.
  • The emoji buttons and unique text responses help you see the big picture regarding your clients’ loyalty, satisfaction, as well as pain points.
  • Responsely provides you with actionable real-time data. This enables you to realize what you need to do to make the best out of your products/services.

How Much Does Responsely Cost?

Another brilliant thing about Responsely is that its pricing options are very straightforward. There is a free plan included, which has a three-campaign limit. This may not seem like much, but there are businesses out there that find this more than sufficient. 

You also get access to the majority of the platform’s features with the free plan. The only other option is the Pro plan, which has a rather straightforward price tag on it – $15 per month, and you get full access to Responsely’s features.

Alternative #2: Freshworks

“With Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales), your team can now use AI-based lead scoring, phone, email, activity capture, and more.”

Introduction to Freshworks

Previously known as Freshsales, Freshworks gives you complete control over your customer and lead information. The platform relies on behavior-based scoring and tracking, which gives it a unique CRM method. 

Freshworks auto-assigns the number of leads to each member of your salesforce based on their success rate. There are also various other filters present for team collaboration.

What’s Offered by Freshworks

  • Direct call support allows a sales representative to quickly start a conversation with a lead without having to migrate any contact information.
  • Onboard notifications make sure that every project and appointment is accounted for.
  • Each customer profile gets a “360-degree” view, which gives you a clear overview of your clients and leads.
  • Based on a lead’s behavior on your website, Freshworks offers automation for categorizing every visitor.

How Much Does Freshworks Cost?

There are various pricing options with Freshworks, which start at $29 per month, billed annually. The most affordable package is called “Growth,” and it might be more than enough for your needs. 

Pro and Enterprise pricing options also exist for $69 and $125, as well as various add-ons. Unfortunately, there is no free plan available.

Alternative #3: InfoFlo

“#1 CRM for Outlook. One Time Cost. Own Your Data. Automatically link, archive, search, and share, all your activities”

Introduction to InfoFlo

If you’re looking for an affordable CRM option, InfoFlo is definitely in this category. This platform puts ease into contact management – it stores all the necessary information about a contact/company on a single platform. 

The included information is far from basic – shared projects, contact relationships, and a list of previous engagements make InfoFlo a very inclusive platform.

What’s Offered by InfoFlo

  • One-time payment. You’ll find that the vast majority of CRM platforms are charged monthly, sometimes annually. This is a refreshing take on CRM services.
  • The contact management options with InfoFlo are simply amazing. The contact/company profile is extremely inclusive and thorough.
  • InfoFlo allows you to integrate all information from your Outlook contacts and the other way around.

How Much Does InfoFlo Cost?

After a free 30-day trial, you get to purchase InfoFlo for $99 as a single payment. Buy it, and the platform is yours, along with its full set of features. For $30 per month, you also get access to InfoFlo’s cloud.

The Best Zoho Alternative

Zoho may not be the most expensive CRM option on the market, but some people may not find its list of features good enough. Responsely offers everything that Zoho fails to tackle in detail, specifically focusing on that which matters the most – customer satisfaction, experience, and pain points. 

Zoho’s standard plan (paid annually) may be cheaper than Responsely’s Pro plan, but the latter offers much more. Responsely is an all-round best alternative to Zoho.

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