ad:tech Tokyo


Date: October 29 to October 30, 2020

Location: Tokyo, Japan

What You’ll Get at ad:tech Tokyo

Ad:tech Tokyo has been held on an annual basis in Japan since 2011—2020 marks the 11th consecutive year.

Throughout the two-day event, guests can hear from over 40 influential keynote speakers across ten comprehensive sessions. A sponsored presentation session and official conference session occur on both days, and lunch and coffee are provided onsite.

There is a broad variety of themes at ad:tech Tokyo, from branding and the creative side of marketing (e.g., influencers and media) to retail, human resources, and marketing basics.

Ad:tech TokyoGuest Speakers

Ad:tech Tokyo offers the chance to learn industry-leading innovators in the field of marketing, speaking on a diverse range of topics. Anticipate hearing from qualified experts like…

  • Dentsu Digital Inc. Data/Technology Strategy Div. Manager Shinichi Arimasu discussing the advantages of data-sharing among companies
  • PTP Inc. Founder and CRO Masayasu Ariyoshi discussing the digital shift of mass media
  • PARCO Digital Marketing CO., LTD. Project General Manager Yuki Cho discussing the communication design of the OSO era

How Much Does ad:tech Tokyo Cost?

Ad:tech Tokyo is on the pricier side unless you opt for a visitor pass, somewhere between ad:tech New Delhi and Midwest Digital Marketing Conference 2020.

There are various types of passes, and fees depend upon when you book and the type of access you want. These include:

  • Visitor, livestream only(Early Bird and Advance free, Onsite $46.97)
  • Full Conference ($836.14 Early Bird, $1,033.44 Advance, and $1,324.68 Onsite)
  • One-Day ($497.83 Early Bird, $629.46 Advance, and $798.56 Onsite)


What do People Say About ad:tech Tokyo?

“Action – it’s all connected! Discover, learn and engage at global digital marketing exhibition and conference.”

Ad:tech Tokyo, official website

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