Date: July 2021

Location: San Diego, CA

What You’ll Get at FlynnCon2

FlynnCon2 is an annual conference that began in 2019 as FlynnCon1. While the 2020 event was cancelled, FlynnCon2 will resume in 2021.

FlynnCon2 is dedicated to providing guests with a gratifying learning experience pertaining to entrepreneurship, networking, and business growth. Over the two-day event, guests will have the opportunity to attend speeches by carefully selected special guests, learn from platform sponsors like ConvertKit and Buzzsprout, and network with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Although topics that will be covered at next year’s conference have not been announced yet, guests can expect to be inspired by the small group setting, intimate keynote speakers, and hands-on environment that FlynnCon2 provides.

FlynnCon2’s theme will be Level Up. It will focus on building professional relationships, networking with peers, getting inspired by the conference community, and applying practical advice to real-life projects.

FlynnCon2 Guest Speakers

FlynnCon2 has not announced its lineup of speakers that will be attending the conference. It has released conference sponsors that will have ambassadors in attendance for guests to hear and learn from. These sponsors include…

  • ConvertKit, an industry-leading email service provider
  • Teachable, an online business platform to create and sell online courses and coaching
  • Buzzsprout, a free podcast hosting software company

Additionally, guests can expect to hear from high-caliber professionals within the passive income space such as these past speakers:

  • Author, motivational speaker, and fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson, discussing the power of IGTV
  • FlynnCon2 Founder and passive income entrepreneur Pat Flynn, discussing all things motivation and inspiration

How Much Does FlynnCon2 Cost?

FlynnCon2 has not released the price of attendance yet, similar to retailX. Interested parties can join the waitlist on the website to be the first to know.

What do People Say About FlynnCon2?

“I think coming to an event like this where you have sincere, authentic individuals who are sharing their stories onstage and offstage is a place to go to get invigorated and think differently about your own life and your own business.”

FlynnCon1 attendee

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