MarketEd.Live 2021


Date: September 20, 2021

Location: Austin, TX

What You’ll Get at MarketEd.Live 2021

MarketEd.Live 2021 has taken place once a year since 2017. While MarketEd.Live 2020 was canceled and replaced with a smaller virtual event, MarketEd.Live 2021 will continue the in-person conference tradition.

MarketEd.Live 2021’s goal is to help marketers close the gaps to generate better ROI from their efforts. This event was created for marketers and business owners who want to implement the latest knowledge, advice, and strategies into their work.

During the day-long conference, guests will learn from 6 big-name speakers and attend breakout sessions that focus on connecting marketing and sales teams, closing the customer experience loop, and adopting the latest marketing trends.

MarketEd.Live 2021Guest Speakers

MarketEd.Live 2021 is proud to present its 2021 industry-leading speakers. If you plan to attend this conference, you can look forward to hearing from…

How Much Does MarketEd.Live 2021Cost?

MarketEd.Live 2021 is an affordable conference option, similar to PodFest 2020. Currently, the only ticket available is the Early Bird ticket for £200.00 that will be available until June 1, 2021.

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What do People Say About MarketEd.Live 2021?

“I come back again and again because you get stuff you don’t get everywhere else. In most respects, I’ve spoken to lots of people, run lots of events, and have been to lots of events, and it’s mostly the same stuff. This is always useful.”

MarketEd.Live 2019 attendee

“I had a really great day meeting a lot of brilliant people I’ve been talking to online a lot, so it’s really nice to see people come together in a setting like this.”

Rachel Extens, Business Storyteller

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