Savant eCommerce London 2020


Date: September 16th-17th, 2020 (postponed to April 20th-21st, 2021)

Location: London, England

What You’ll Get at Savant eCommerce London 2020

The Savant eCommerce London 2020 conference (now being held in 2021) will be the 7th annual London conference. Savant has several eCommerce events throughout the world every year.

Since most of Savant’s events were canceled or postponed in 2020, they held the Savant eCommerce Digital event from September 8th to September 9th of 2020 to replace them.

Savant eCommerce London 2021 is dedicated to exploring innovative and established approaches to driving profitability amid a crisis. Throughout the two-day event, guests will hear everything from real-life case studies to discussions and panels about how the Coronavirus outbreak has affected the retail world.

Savant eCommerce London 2020 Guest Speakers

At this event, guests will have the chance to hear from some of the most experienced retail professionals about how they’ve been dealing with the Coronavirus epidemic. You’ll listen to and learn from industry leaders like:

How Much Does Savant eCommerce London 2020 Cost?

Ticket prices for Savant eCommerce London 2021 have not yet been announced. However, the ticket price will likely follow the trend of Savant’s other European summits, which start at €699 (approx. $828) for retailers. Your ticket may cost more if you’re not a retailer.

What Do People Say About Savant eCommerce London 2020?

“Thanks so much for the great topics and insights – it’s pretty clear that customer centricity and personalization are the key for success, independently of the company size. One of the best conferences I’ve been to, thank you!”

Manager Conversion Optimization, Zalando

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