Savant eCommerce Paris 2020


Date: October 14th-15th, 2020 (postponed to September 14th-15th, 2021)

Location: Paris, France

What You’ll Get at Savant eCommerce Paris 2020

Savant runs several eCommerce gatherings across Europe every year. Most of them have been postponed until 2021, but Savant is also holding a blanket virtual eCommerce event called Savant eCommerce Digital in 2020 to replace the in-person events that were rescheduled. This digital event was held from September 8th to September 9th of 2020.

The Savant eCommerce events are designed exclusively for senior executives in the eCommerce world. Rather than bringing trainees, recruiters, and sales-pitching media members, this event is designed to bring the executives that matter: the ones who can share actionable, helpful tips and experiences.

2021 will be the first Savant eCommerce Paris event, though Savant has held events in other cities for years. Guests will have the opportunity to attend events on topics like the customer journey, optimizing conversion rates, building strong relationships, and more.

Savant eCommerce Paris 2020 Guest Speakers

The speakers for Savant eCommerce Paris 2020 have not been announced yet. However, guests can expect to hear from some of the foremost minds in the eCommerce scene. For example, some of the guests speaking at the Savant eCommerce Digital Event 2020 were:

How Much Does Savant eCommerce Paris 2020 Cost?

Since the Savant eCommerce Paris 2020 event never happened in 2020, it’s unclear how much tickets will cost. However, other events, such as Savant eCommerce Stockholm and Savant eCommerce Berlin, have started at several hundred US dollars. This price can change depending on whether you’re a retailer or not.

For example, the price of the Savant eCommerce Berlin 2019 tickets started at €499.00 (approx. $591). Savant eCommerce Stockholm 2021 tickets currently start at €699.00 (approx. $828).

What Do People Say About Savant eCommerce Paris 2020?

Since the Savant eCommerce Paris 2020 event was rescheduled for 2021, there hasn’t been much buzz about it yet. However, people have been saying incredibly good things about other Savant eCommerce events.

“Great infrastructure, well-selected attendees, highly relevant conference theme – looking forward to the next events.”

Business Development, Crealytics

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