Southeast eCommerce


Date: April 29th-30th, 2020 (postponed until 2021)

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

What You’ll Get at Southeast eCommerce

Southeast eCommerce is a brand-new summit that was first set to launch in 2020. Held by Retail Summits, the meeting was unfortunately postponed until 2021 because of the pandemic. While not much information is available on the conference, it was set to bring more than 400 professionals and up to 100 delegates together for the event.

The Southeast eCommerce event was designed to bring together both guests and professionals in the Southeast United States to share knowledge, evolve their strategies, and learn alongside other individuals in the business world. The event was to be held over two days from morning to evening.

Southeast eCommerce Guest Speakers

At this event, guests will have the chance to learn from some of the brightest minds in the eCommerce space. Throughout the two-day event, you’ll learn from various eCommerce professionals, including:

How Much Does Southeast eCommerce Cost?

Because the Southeast eCommerce Summit has been postponed to 2021, it’s unclear whether prices will rise or lower before then. However, as reported before the event was postponed, tickets were relatively inexpensive, at around $150.

This is relatively inexpensive compared to other in-person summits. Still, it’s the same as some of Retail Summits’ other gatherings, such as the West Coast eCommerce summit, which also starts at $150.

What Do People Say About Southeast eCommerce?

Unfortunately, because the first Southeast eCommerce summit is still yet to happen, there isn’t much buzz about it yet. However, attendees have said many positive things about Retail Summits, the event organizer, and their other meetings throughout the year.

“Southeast eCommerce brings together professionals to share their knowledge, learn, and evolve their customer acquisition strategy. What to expect? In-depth conversation between peers across marketing, customer experience, loyalty, payments, shipping, logistics, and much more!”

Southeast eCommerce website

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