The One Thing That Will Flag You As a Spammer

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Search Engine Optimization has evolved tremendously.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithim.

That’s why it’s so important that you’re learning SEO from a reputable source.

You need to make sure you’re getting good, relevant and timely advice.

Lots of old SEO tactics don’t work anymore.

And this one popular SEO tactic will immediately flag you as a spammer today.

The Evolution of SEO

When something easy works, people exploit it as much as possible.

They want instant gratification and easy wins.

SEO used to be easy. You could manipulate the dumb search engines with obvious tactics and make it to the top of the rankings.

However Google changed the game. They figured out how to create a dynamic algorithm that returned authentic, and more relevant results.

They also continuously make changes to their algorithm. Each year, Google changes it’s algorithm up to 500 – 600 times!

That’s why it’s difficult to learn SEO. The rules of the game are always changing.

Once a factor is abused and manipulated, Google will flip it and drop its significance.

So the things that used to work really well even a year or two ago, will now be a signal of manipulation to search engines.

One example is the Meta Keywords Tag. People have long abused keywords as a way to game the search engines.

The quantity of keywords on a page used to matter, and people discussed things like keyword density to talk about on-page optimization.

But now it’s a clear sign that you’re manipulating the search engines.

Bing recently confirmed to SearchEngineLand that they use the meta keywords tag to identify spammers.

If you’re still using it, then make sure you’re only using one keyword per page. Or just forget about it entirely.

Today’s lesson?

Make sure you’re ignoring bad SEO advice, and learn about how SEO complements your online marketing – not solves it.

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