The New Marketing Brain (Infographic)

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New marketing isn’t new.

It’s the same story, but told a different way. Like a parable passed down through generations.

The methods have evolved, and require new skills. It evolves at an alarming pace. Keeping up is half the battle.

But the same fundamentals still apply.

Marketing Takeaway

Staying up-to-date and a head of the next wave of evolution is difficult… but it’s a necessary evil. New technologies provide different opportunities and more potential to establish an early presence.

These methods and tactics may have evolved, but there has never been a better opportunity to apply time-tested marketing principles.

It is more important than ever that we formulate strategy, define our USP, analyze target markets, develop appropriate products/services, and leverage new distribution channels.

In order to succeed today, you need an inherent understanding of these principles and you must learn how to apply them at a quick pace.

One without the other is useless. Futile in an ever changing world.

The new marketing brain is simply the fusing of the old world with the new.

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