There are two ways to partner with us below. Best of all? We’ll extend the same deals for your own site, too. That means you can either (1) make money by purchasing content through us (to help offset the cost) and/or (2) take advantage of the heavily-discounted pricing for your site’s content.

No, we don’t know which comes out to a better deal. We do words, not numbers. 🙂

1. Affiliate / Referral

Description: You refer new clients to us directly.

What you get: 10% recurring revenue on all monthly content.

How it works: You’ll get an affiliate link and account to automatically track all sales and payouts.

2. White-label / Subcontract

Description: You purchase client content through us at a discount and mark up the price to your clients.

What you get: 25% off all current content pricing.

How it works: You’ll get a custom code to use at checkout and purchase content on your client’s behalf.

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