Podia Review: Is It Worth It?

Creators are often responsible for everything from content to marketing.

But there’s more than just one way to succeed in creative industries. With Podia, you get all the support you need to create, customize, and sell your digital products.

If you’re interested in using Podia’s platform, and you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll explore how Podia can support your online business.

What Is Podia?

Podia is a creator-friendly platform that resembles crowdfunding websites. Only it doesn’t take any percentage from its members. And all creators can use Podia and its marketing tools to advertise and sell their digital content.

Once you create an account, those who want access to your products will have to either set up a membership plan or buy them on a one-off basis. 

Either way, Podia supports you in positioning your products online by creating a customized digital storefront.

Here’s what you can create using Podia:

Why Use Podia?

For any digital entrepreneur, the most challenging part of the business is setting it up. This can often be an overwhelming process.

That’s why Podia’s developers offer the functionality of multiple platforms in one place. Without the need to use various online tools, creators can deliver the best digital content and create a place to grow their online presence. There are several good reasons why young entrepreneurs like this platform:

  • All-in-one solution to manage diverse types of online business models
  • Dedicated customer support staff
  • Fair pricing
  • Compact and user-friendly design

How to Use Podia: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough 

Many people assume that the online course creation process doesn’t require a lot of work. But that can’t be further from the truth.

To create a high-quality course and an eBook to follow all by yourself can be a huge endeavor, especially if you’ve never made a digital product before.

The Podia course creator gives you all the necessary tools to write, present, and market your digital content.

Let’s see how it actually works.

Create and Brand Your Website

Very often, digital entrepreneurs focus on content, forgetting that a website is equally important. Podia helps you with free website migration and allows you to set up your custom URL.

Plus, you can redesign your old website and add new integrations with platforms like Google Analytics or even a Podia storefront. Moreover, you won’t incur any additional costs for the hosting feature, and you’ll get live customer support to help point your future customers in the right direction.

Using Podia’s design features, you can brand your homepage and create a signature design that everyone will associate with you. With options to add videos, images, or a logo, your online store and digital products will look more professional.

Add Digital Products

Now, it’s time to add your courses, create membership programs, sell eBooks and PDF guides, or host webinars. With the content out in the open, you can house classes and grow your community all in one place – on Podia’s platform.

With course creation tools, you can upload your old materials or create brand-new ones. Also, you can decide to offer them together with other products like digital downloads to engage your clients and attract new ones. 

You can even add a free checklist to show customers a glimpse of what they can expect on your online courses.

Market Your Products

Whether you want to build a network using a newsletter, affiliate marketing, or through memberships, Podia has it all. Newsletters are an excellent tool for informing your customers about your latest products or discounts, but a surprising number still value live chat, too. 

With Podia’s integrated live chat, your customers will always be able to reach out to you and connect with your content even more.

Sell Your Products

The most important part of any business idea is sales. That’s why Podia offers integration tools that any good storefront needs. You can create paying plans, coupons, find affiliate partners, and set up cross-sell campaigns. This way, your online courses and eBooks will get a broader audience and, ultimately, make more profit.

Podia FAQs

How Do You Collect Payments With Podia?

Fortunately, there’s a variety of ways to charge for your products. You can offer payment plans for specific customers or allow everyone to pay in monthly installments. If you want to raise your visibility, you can find affiliate partners and offer them compensation for presenting your products to a broader audience.

You can also encourage customers to buy your digital products in a bundle or use a coupon and get a discount. It’s possible to pre-launch products and asks for pre-payment or a membership fee.

What Makes Podia Different Than Other Providers?

The most significant advantage that differentiates Podia from all of its competitors is live chat support. During live chat hours, you can talk to people and get answers in a couple of minutes. Also, you can send them a direct email or find answers in the Podia help center.

You can use customer questions to improve your products, get feedback, and make your product more suited to their needs.

What Are the Main Alternatives to Podia?

Podia’s main competitors are Teachable, Udemy, Learn Worlds, Thinkific, and SkillShare. Of course, all these platforms are different and come with strengths and limitations.

Depending on the experience and number of digital products, as well as your budget, digital entrepreneurs often choose platforms that give them the best visibility.

All Podia reviews suggest that its main advantages are modern design, storefront tools, and live chat support. And that’s what makes it a good starting point for young creators.

Can You Use Podia Without Paying?

Yes, you can start a 14-day free trial and try out Podia’s features. Once your trial period ends, you can either continue with one of its pricing plans or use Podia with Mover and Shaker plans that provide everything a digital entrepreneur needs. The Mover Plan is $39 per month and the Shaker plan is $79.

Giving Your Best

Everyone who decides to create digital products needs a reliable host platform.

Without it, you’ll have your content scattered all over the internet, and your customers won’t know where to look for the course homepage, materials, or additional information about the content.

With Podia, your content can reach the right people.

Hopefully, this article has given you a better idea of how Podia works and showcased all of its features.

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