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Get Rid of Customer Confusion and Make Your Services Crystal Clear

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How do you compare one service provider to another?

That’s a really tough question to answer.

You can look at the various services they offer. You can look at their past work. You can read testimonials. And you can look at their prices.

Most of these are subjective… gut feelings of who you think is better.

Maybe one is better looking than the others, so you feel more inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt?

The only empirical measurement you have to go by is price.

And that’s a huge problem. Because you can’t compete on price.

Good Packaging
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How to Separate Yourself from the Pack

When you make it easier for people to understand what you offer, then you’ll make more money.

Because one of the biggest keys to increasing conversions is by decreasing your customer’s risk.

So you offer a “free quote” to entice more people.

But they don’t exactly know who you are, how you work, or what you’re offering.

And you want them to give you all their personal contact information. Now all of the control is in your hands.

One way to separate yourself is by turning your services into products.

This helps people immediately grasp what’s included (and what’s not).

They can also see the different levels of value provided, and know which will fit their needs best. People can “window shop”, and become acquainted with what you offer… without having to give up their personal contact information and commit to a lengthy phone interview.

But there are two very important points you have to consider. They will make-or-break this strategy.

Don’t Lower Your Prices

One of the most common problems with bundling your services is that people expect a discount.

Don’t do this.

Lowering your prices will make you a commodity. And you’ll be forced to compete on price.

By turning your services into a product, you should be creating a new, different offering that can’t be found anywhere else. (See the next point below).

Note: There’s one big exception to this rule. For example, HubSpot sells expensive software (starting at $3,000 per year and up), so they provide consulting to help get people started. Their product has such a high margin, and the lifetime value of the customer is so high, that they can afford to throw in these extra services at no additional cost.

Search for Differentiation and a Competitive Advantage

Now you need to find a real competitive advantage.

By combining what you know, what you’re good at, and what you offer, you should create a new competitive strength that your competition can’t match.

  • What market do you know?
  • What are you uniquely good at?
  • What services do you currently offer that complement each other?

Don’t just offer writing services. Anyone can offer that.

You specialize in landing page copywriting services for start-ups.

This is unique and rare. And it will cost a lot if people want the best (you).

Because no one else is offering this unique service, with your personal touch.

Remember that people buy based on pleasure and pain. So your personal connection will have a lot to do with how people feel about your brand.

But what really separates you from everyone else is by communicating a clear, concise value proposition, and having the work to back it up.

Get long-term ROI.

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