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Driving a 98.92% Keyword Visibility Boost in Six Months: An Adonis Health and Codeless Case Study

Codeless helped Adonis Health drive a 98.92% increase in keyword visibility in 3 months — with an average monthly traffic increase of around 5k visitors.


Average Monthly Traffic Increase


Keyword Visibility Increased

Content marketing strategies play an important role in helping you achieve outstanding results. 

It’s not just about picking interesting topics and seeing what happens; you need to consider the overall content marketplace, your audience’s needs, and the types of value you can offer.

A great example of this is the work we did with Adonis Health Inc. over several months in 2023, during which time we focused heavily on name-branded and “big search” keywords related to their business. And since we helped drive a 98.92% increase in keyword visibility during that time— with an average monthly traffic increase of around 5k visitors— we’d say it was the right move. 

The client 

Adonis Health Inc. (which uses the DBA name Henry Meds) is a healthcare subscription service that provides access to high-quality and experienced providers who focus on holistic care for endocrine disorders. 

Patients can provide a medical history, talk to a physician or nurse in an online appointment, and then receive medications right at their door. It’s a simple and streamlined approach, and many patients appreciate the convenience when it comes to accessing weight loss or hormone replacement treatment. 

The challenge 

Adonis had a relatively new website, having launched in October 2022. 

It was trending upwards when they started with Codeless in August of 2023, but they needed help with a more targeted strategy and a higher volume of quality content output that would help them increase their search visibility amongst their target audience. 

They wanted to rank higher for more keywords that would bring in potential customers and to create trustworthy content in a hyper-competitive space. 

The solution 

There were two critical aspects to our content creation: Generating the right types of content, and executing it well. 

The types of content we created 

Our content strategy for Adonis Health primarily focused on building out new content that was targeting either big, high-priority searches in the industry, or name-brand searches in their space. This would allow us to create a combination of valuable, actionable content that would appeal to users at all stages in the sales funnel, including discovery, consideration, and retention. 

And when we’re talking about name-brand searches, we don’t just mean the “Adonis Health” name brand; it’s also common for potential patients to search for specific medications, like semaglutide, and incorporating those name brands into our keyword strategy was imperative. 

We focused heavily on three different types of articles. Let’s discuss each and why they were valuable to the overall strategy. 

1. “How-to” articles 

How-to articles are designed to answer immediate user search intent.

If someone is searching for “how to find semaglutide near you,” for example, they want to find an article explaining exactly where to find that particular medication and how to get the process started.  

After learning about Adonis Health’s core offerings and their patient needs, we created “how-to” guides for that were meant to provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for common “how-to” searches in the space.

You can see some examples of our how-to articles (some of which included branded name keywords) here:

2. “Vs” blog posts 

When many people are trying to find care providers for endocrine disorders, they likely already know they have the disorder and are trying to research specific solutions preemptively. The same is true for those looking for weight loss clinics.

As a result, we wrote multiple “vs” posts, which are essentially comparison blog posts that provide reader education about different treatment options. They may use “vs” keywords, or they may include “alternatives” as the keyword. 

Not only is this helpful content for existing patients of Henry Meds, it’s also helped increase their search visibility amongst potential patients who were actively researching different options.

Examples of this article type include the following:

3. Name brand education 

As we’ve already discussed, there are a few commonly searched for “big name” medications that we used to create content for Henry Meds for search visibility. 

These medication names are often heavily researched by the clinic’s target audience members, and creating authoritative, accurate resources providing the information needed for these medications is an outstanding way to build trust, increase search visibility, and provide initial patient education. These factors can help drive potential patients to get in touch and book appointments with informed questions.

We created both “definitive guides” for certain brand medications, as well as medication-specific content answering commonly asked questions. Here are some examples:

4. In-depth educational content 

While those big-name medication searches took center stage in our strategy for Adonis Health, we also knew that answering some popular questions for the general industry was a smart move for search visibility with the client’s target audience.

These are good examples of posts targeting high-value keywords that weren’t brand-name medications:

How we created valuable content 

Any content related to the healthcare industry is only valuable so long as it’s accurate and trustworthy. 

As a result, we carefully selected a team of editors and writers with extensive medical and healthcare writing experience. We not only worked with Adonis Health to learn about their specific preferences and requirements (like how to discuss certain brand name medications), but we also ensured that we followed all rules and best practices regarding medical writing and marketing.

We provided our writers with detailed briefs for every post they wrote, which went through multiple rigorous editorial processes if needed before sending it to the client for review. If they had any concerns, we’d make further edits as needed. 

The results 

We started working with Adonis Health in August of 2023. As of November 2023, it was indexed for 2,397.

During that time, there was a 98.92% increase in keyword visibility, which increased their monthly traffic by 5,000 monthly visitors. 

The content we created for Adonis Health is significantly impacting those organic traffic numbers. The pillar post “How Much is Semaglutide” is now the second top performer of all posts on the site.

Final thoughts 

Adonis Health is a prime example of why having a custom-to-you content strategy is essential, especially when you’re in a particularly competitive industry. 

You don’t want to pick a random content strategy that’s popular at the moment and hope it works; it’s important to consider your immediate business goals, what’s happening in the market overall, and how keyword trends, consumer behavior, and competitor activity all impact a potential strategy. 

That’s what we did with Adonis Health, providing a clear and direct approach to selecting content ideas and prioritizing keywords to help them reach potential clients looking for their exact services. And with a 5,000 boost in monthly site visitors since we first started (and a nearly 100% increase in keyword visibility), we’d say we’re off to the right start.  

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