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SaaS Content with a Twist

Executing a pillar and support content strategy to rank for “multi-channel marketing” is all well and good. Doing it well is nothing to sniff at. But, with AutoPilot, we did that and more — also taking on the responsibility of interviewing and featuring leading marketers in the tech and content space.


AutoPilot is an industry-leading marketing automation visualization tool, making it easier for marketers to see and optimize their complicated automation workflows.

As a fast-growing SaaS startup, AutoPilot knew the importance of content to increase brand awareness and traffic to their site.

But they didn’t want to execute a simple “blog about marketing automation” strategy. They wanted to stand out with thought-leadership, content pillars, and (more than anything) a personal touch.

That’s where Codeless came in.

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Our Involvement

We sat down with AutoPilot to determine their content goals and determined the best option was to shoot for the “multi-channel marketing” keyword. With a difficulty of 48, we chose to execute a content pillar and support strategy. This strategy requires a comprehensive (pillar) piece to be written first, and a number of shorter, related pieces to be created and interlinked to support its SEO success.

They also wanted to explore featured interviews with leading marketers in their space — content pieces which would showcase their relationships and develop their brand personality.

We reached out to leading marketers Shayla Price, Ty Magin and Aaron Ginn to be featured first, and engaged in the interview and write up process.

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Our content helped AutoPIlot get off the ground — driving traffic around “multi-channel marketing” with multiple long-tail keywords.

We also were excited about incorporating a new content type into our offering: interviews. We’ve worked with many leading marketers and influencers, and enjoy executing strategies that introduce your brand to their network (and visa versa).

Get long-term ROI.

We help you grow through expertise, strategy, and the best content on the web.