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High-Quality Content at Volume

Creating high-quality content at volume has enabled Codeless to drive 2100+ new keyword rankings for BetterUp in only 90 days.


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BetterUp’s coaching network drives its member’s growth personally and professionally. From leadership and parenting to well-being and performance, members get access to valuable insight from life and work coaches with years of experience.

Those coaches had contributed to a significant volume of content, but they were missing a key element: search optimization.

And that’s where Codeless came in. In our time working with BetterUp, we’ve worked to create search-oriented blog content as well as optimize what they had to increase its chance to rank.

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Our Involvement

It’s always exciting to work with a brand as successful as BetterUp.

And, from a content perspective, it makes our jobs easier. Not easy, but easier.

Having a high domain authority (as BetterUp does) enables us to target highly-competitive key phrases and feel more confident that we can rank for them in the near future.

Nonetheless, creating high-quality content (especially at volumes like we’re doing for BetterUp) is a challenge — one we enjoy facing.


We’ve seen quick and exciting successes with BetterUp, including multiple articles going straight to the first page for keywords like “situational leadership” (with 11,000 monthly searches). From July, 2021 to January, 2022 we drove more than 17,162 first-page SERP rankings, contributing to their big increase in monthly organic traffic (+536,723).

better up article produced by codeless


How to recover from burnout and love your life again

betterup how to recover from burnout article by codeless
  • 1st position for “how to recover from burnout” (6,500 monthly volume)
  • 1st position for “burnout recovery” (1,700 monthly volume)
  • Article ranks on 1st page for 137 keywords

5 visualization techniques to help you reach your goals

betterup 5 visualization techniques to help you reach your goals article
  • 1st position for “visualization” (13,000 monthly searches)
  • 52 keywords ranking in the 1st position
  • Article ranks on 1st page for 144 keywords (as of September 13th, 2022)

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