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Quick Content Creation at Volume

We worked with CrazyEgg for little more than 90 days, but delivered over 80 pieces of long-form content in that time. That level of content creation, ramped up from scratch, required the implementation of Codeless’ unparalleled production processes and industry-leading team management.




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CrazyEgg is a website visitor tracking and site analytics provider led by digital marketing thought-leader and influencer Neil Patel.

CrazyEgg’s blog is one of the most highly-trafficked marketing sites on the web, and their team of marketing professionals and content experts is top of the line.

Their content ranks for some of the highest-volume keywords out there, including on the first page of Google for the terms “homepage,” “sales funnel,” “a/b testing,” “customer retention,” and more.

But when they wanted to double down on their content investment, they knew they needed some outside assistance.

That’s where Codeless came in. In less than three months, we delivered and updated over 80 high-quality, long-from guides — primarily focused on the “how to” content model.

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Our Involvement

Codeless dove into the existing, high-intensity content machine that is the CrazyEgg blog. Asked to deliver content multiple times a week, we had less than a week to ramp up to their level.

Luckily, our operations team knocked it out of the park. We recruited a new and highly-qualified team of account-specific writers and implemented the content production processes which have driven our success:

  • Article topic ideation and keyword research
  • Batched topic approval from the client
  • Article outline creation and client approval
  • Article drafting and senior review
  • Editing with content optimization tools 
  • Delivery for client approval


Our blog posts for CrazyEgg remain some of their highest drivers of traffic. 

Our updates to their existing content increased their search rankings and the creation of new content drove thousands more visitors to the CrazyEgg blog.


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  • 179 backlinks 
  • 658 referring domains
  • 4,500+ organic keywords 

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  • 6,700 monthly searches
  • 64 keyword difficulty
  • Achieved (and retained) 5th position

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