Expand Top-of-the-Funnel Reach

We’ve been working with Kinsta for over three years, publishing in-depth (3,000+ word) guides on top-of-the-funnel marketing topics to help them reach new audiences.


Ranking for "how much is my website worth"


Referring domains across 4 posts


Backlinks across 4 posts


Ranking keywords for "mobile-first index"


Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting company. Users of the platform include General Electric, Ricoh, Credo, and many more. 

As Kinsta’s product evolved to reach a mass market, Brian Jackson, Kinsta’s former CMO at the time, wanted to expand their brand’s visibility and reach into new top-of-the-funnel topics that weren’t just dry and technical, WordPress-specific posts.

His main priority was to reach new audiences but still retain the same in-depth, insightful content that Kinsta was known for.

That’s where we came in and help contribute to a massive flywheel of growth over just a few years.

Our Involvement

Codeless slotted in seamlessly with Kinsta’s existing Trello-based content marketing workflow. We’ve been producing multiple long-form posts each month, often over 3,000+ words each. 

Our main priority was to create amazing content that people want to naturally share. To do that, we use SEO tools like Ahrefs and Frase to target search intent and deliver exactly what people are already searching for.

We also identified keyword terms Kinsta’s competitors were ranking for and keywords terms that opened up new topics to match search intent. 


Over the years, we’ve helped Kinsta publish articles that rank quickly, generate backlinks serendipitous, and increase awareness by often introducing visitors to Kinsta for the first time.

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  • 111 backlinks 
  • 21 referring domains
  • 287 organic keywords 

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  • 21 referring domains
  • 66 organic keywords

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