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Content Pillars at Volume

Buying an existing site and everything that comes with it can be an intimidating thing. It can be difficult to capitalize on that site’s existing content, especially if it’s one of the premier online marketing publications. How do you ensure it stays successful and you get a good return on your investment?


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Background has been around for many years. Focused on affiliate marketing and helping businesses identify profitable niche markets, the site was sold (in its entirety) in 2019.

The site had a pretty good Domain Authority and already ranked for a few high-volume search terms (it wouldn’t have been worth buying if it didn’t), but the buyers wanted to make sure their investment was a wise one.

They needed to dive into the content they had to ensure it was optimized as well as it could be. They also needed to determine what new content should be produced based on their business goals and Domain Authority.

So they hired a leading SEO strategist to run the whole thing.

But strategy is only half the battle. You need a team to create the content — 10,000-word content pillars targeted at some of the web’s highest-volume keywords.

And that’s where Codeless came in.

Our Involvement

We came onboard with NicheHacks in early 2020, and dove into their existing SEO strategy. Initially, it revolved around the update of existing content — the addition of 5 or 6,000 words and heavy SEO optimization to each piece.

These were massive pieces of content: comprehensive guides targeting such high-volume keywords as “Affiliate Programs” and “Niches.”

Luckily, our writing staff and editorial processes can accommodate any business’ content needs. 

Since April of 2020, we’ve been doing a combination of updating and optimization as well as content-from-scratch — every piece a content pillar of 5,000+ words.


In the past three months we’ve written over 100,000 words for NicheHacks, and we’re just getting started. They have ambitions for growth that we’re enthusiastic to be a part of.

Our content has reinvigorated a site which had plateaued. We’ve driven search rank increases for high-volume keywords like “affiliate site examples,” “niche site ideas,” and “affiliate programs,” among others.


Niche Site Examples: How to Build a Profitable Niche Site + 4 Sites that are Doing it Right

  • 1,100 monthly US searches for “Niche Site Ideas”
  • 301 backlinks
  • 55 referring domains
  • 117 keywords in the top 100

1999+ Profitable Niches [Updated] – Find Your Niche

  • 9,300 monthly US searches for “Niches”
  • 300 backlinks
  • 123 referring domains
  • 176 keywords in the top 100

Get long-term ROI.

We help you grow through expertise, strategy, and the best content on the web.