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Increasing Keyword Visibility by over 262% in 9 Months: a RedBeam & Codeless Case Study

Codeless helped RedBeam kick their stagnation by updating content and creating new resources, resulting in a 262% increase in indexed keywords.

Good SEO isn’t just about ranking well for a single keyword for each blog post you write. While many would settle for that, this is the opposite of what you want.

In today’s hyper-competitive content marketing world, you need extraordinary content to rank well, period. That means more time, energy, and often funds are going into creating better resources than ever before. And your best bet isn’t to just rank for one keyword per post but to rank for as many keywords as possible. 

By strategically optimizing each post for multiple relevant, high-value keywords, you can significantly increase your overall keyword visibility effectively. And that’s exactly how we helped RedBeam increase their blog’s keyword visibility by over 262% (and increasing their site traffic along with it!) in just nine months. 

The client 

RedBeam offers fixed asset inventory tracking software that can help you streamline audits, improve asset visibility, and ensure compliance with federal and industry regulations— all while saving you money. 

They work with clients of all sizes and in a variety of industries, including healthcare, government, construction, non-profit, and hospitality businesses. 

The challenge 

RedBeam has been working on increasing their website’s and blog’s organic traffic for several years. Through the November 2021 to November 2022 period, organic traffic had seen minimal growth, and then completely plateaued over the next six months. 

The team knew they wanted to kick the stagnation and see positive (and ideally substantial) growth, but that it was challenging being in the highly technical space of asset tagging and tracking. That’s when they came to Codeless for assistance. 

The solution 

When RedBeam came to us in early 2023, we discussed their business and content goals to see how we could help them. We ultimately agreed that we needed to revisit (and revamp!) some older content that wasn’t performing up to its potential and to build new content specifically created for the personas they most wanted to target.

Let’s take a look at the process we used. 

1. We conducted a thorough SEO audit 

Before we decided on a solid strategy, we knew we needed to review RedBeam’s blog in-depth to see what was causing the stagnation. 

We found multiple blog posts and resources that were older and ranking for either the second or third page of the search engine results pages (SERPs). These pages were all for high-value, potentially high-traffic keywords, and they weren’t doing anything for RedBeam that far down in the results pages.

As a result, we knew we’d need to optimize that content. This could help improve traffic immediately while also leveraging momentum from content that they’d already invested in. 

We also saw plenty of opportunities for new content topics based on the audience personas RedBeam had told us they wanted to target long-term. We started conducting keyword and topic research and generated a list of new ideas to present to the client.

Once RedBeam reviewed our strategy and agreed, we started with content creation. 

2. We optimized underperforming content 

We identified a list of published blog posts that weren’t living up to their potential. Most of these blog posts met the following criteria:

  • They targeted high-value and/or high-traffic keywords as primary keywords
  • They ranked on the second or third page of the search results
  • They weren’t driving the amount of traffic that they should 

While each post was developed based on its specific needs, many posts were optimized with strategic changes like the following:

  • Our team re-optimized a post for the primary keyword, using it in different placements or adjusting the SEO page title or meta description
  • We added new, relevant sections to the posts; in many cases, we added at least 1,000 new words 
  • We removed content that wasn’t relevant (or was no longer timely) to the existing posts during the editing process
  • We adjusted content based on the client’s strategy and the current audience they’re targeting
  • We provided our writers with extensive briefs containing new keywords that they needed to include in each post

Or, a TL;DR for our Reddit friends: We found the content that wasn’t ranking well, and added in new relevant, content and new, relevant keywords that Google would take note of. 

3. We created new content 

RedBeam, as we’ve already mentioned, has a highly technical product, which meant they needed technical content. We still had to make sure that we made that content accessible for potential decision-makers in multiple industries because that reflected RedBeam’s diverse client base.

After talking to the client, there was a specific persona they wanted to target. We considered that persona’s common needs and pain points and considered that when conducting keyword and topic research.

Based on what we found, we created a list of new topics that we submitted for client approval. Once approved, our strategists and editors created detailed briefs for our expert, hand-selected team of writers. These briefs included the following:

  • Post title
  • Word count range
  • Primary and secondary keywords
  • General post structure, including headings to include
  • Topics to discuss
  • CTA
  • Links to a brand voice style guide 

Every post went through extensive edits and was sent for revisions (if needed) before the client ever saw it. At that point, they received a publication-ready article to review and had the option to request additional edits if needed.

The results 

Codeless’s contract with RedBeam started in February of 2023. As of the time of writing this case study, nine months had elapsed.

During those nine months, we’ve already helped RedBeam kick the stagnation and get back on the path words increasing site and blog organic traffic.

We can look at this on a granular level, focusing on two specific pages we helped RedBeam with: One optimized, and one new. These two pages alone now account for 48% of all organic traffic coming to the site. 

We started by optimizing this blog post in March. It moved up seven positions, from the second page to the first page of the SERPs. It previously hadn’t been a meaningful contributor to traffic, and it’s now the number one driver of organic traffic on the entire site. 

We also created this page from scratch, after identifying its’ primary keyword as a high-potential phrase. It’s been ranking in the top three positions since it was first published in March of 2023, and it’s the number two driver of traffic to the site, accounting for 12% of all organic visits. 

And when it comes to overall blog and site traffic, RedBeam has seen significant increases thanks to keyword visibility:

  • RedBeam’s site currently has 1088 keywords indexed; before working with Codeless, it was only indexed for 377 keywords. This was a 188.59% increase in keyword visibility. 
  • There are now 837 keywords indexed to blog pages alone, after starting at only 231 keywords indexed. This is a 262.33% increase in keyword visibility. 

And, because there’s nothing like a great visual, to sum up the impact we love to deliver for our clients, you can see how these increases in keyword visibility had an extraordinary impact on RedBeam’s blog performance in the nine months we’ve worked together: 

Final thoughts 

Many clients often come to us frustrated— they’ve invested heavily into content, either through external freelancers, agencies, or even their internal staff, only to end up with underwhelming results.

In many cases, the content is even solid, but it’s lacking a strategic element that’s keeping it from performing well.

The good news, of course, is that here at Codeless, we want to help you leverage the effort you’ve already invested. We’ll help you update existing content and create new content in a custom strategy that can help you get the results you were hoping for the first time around.

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