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A Close Relationship Built on Growth

Starting a video marketing production company in 2018 was a great idea; the industry was picking up speed at an incredible pace. But TestimonialHero wasn’t alone in their push to capitalize on that enthusiasm. Here’s how Codeless has helped them become one of the leading testimonial video companies of 2020.


Testimonial Hero is a video testimonial service for B2B businesses. They produce high-quality video testimonials that convert traffic into leads and leads into sales.

As an up-and-coming marketing-oriented start up, they knew the value of content (after all, their product was all about content). But they didn’t have writers on staff capable of creating high-quality, search-oriented blog content that would get them to the first page of Google for their target keywords.

That’s where Codeless came in.

testimonialhero article by codeless
Example: How to Develop a B2B Customer Testimonial Video Strategy

Our Involvement

Before Codeless, TestimonialHero had only published a couple of content. We were brought onto a blank canvas, which is always exciting.

Our first step with clients like TestimonialHero is to do a deep dive into search analysis: what opportunities are out there for this business, and what should we prioritize to help them meet their growth goals?

Then we dive in.


We’ve had a few small successes with keyword optimization with TestimonialHero, but are only starting to build up their SEO presence online. More important is TestimonialHero’s consistent publication of excellent content.

Only with consistent, high-quality content can we work with TestimonialHero to develop domain authority. And it’s with domain authority that more competitive keywords become more and more attainable.

Already their content is competing for the 20,000/month search keyword “testimonial”, and it’s a testament to the quality and optimization of our content that a site in the 20 millionth spot for Ahrefs authority is competing with 

And their future only looks brighter.

Get long-term ROI.

We help you grow through expertise, strategy, and the best content on the web.