Top 5 for the Week of October 1st

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This week is another interesting mix of practical advice and though provoking pieces.

They range from things your business should never pay for, to developing a personality, and a case study on social media marketing.

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1. 5 Things Your Business Should Never Pay For

Businesses have to spend and invest in lots of things. But there’s certain things you should never have to pay for.

These usually fall in two categories. You should be either able to earn them, or avoid them because they’re a waste of money.

Duct Tape Marketing gives you five great examples of both, and gives you tips on what to do instead.

Read the full post here.

2. What Bestselling Fiction Can Teach You About Writing Better Landing Pages

By now you should know that every business should act like a media company. You need to get people’s attention and keep them coming back with exciting, interesting content.

And every content strategy begins with writing.

In this post, Copyblogger gives us some great information about blog format and how to be a better online writer.

Read the full post here.

3. Minimum Viable Personality

Personality is a big deal. It’s what separates you from others. It’s what defines your brand compared to competitors.

Personality is your voice. Read every word on your website. Does it have a voice? Is it unique, engaging and interesting?

FAKE GRIMLOCK (a satirical pseudonym) gives you three questions to ask yourself in order to create your own company personality.

Read the full post here.

4. Social Media Marketing Case Study

Author Jonathan Fields just released a new book called Uncertainty. He used social media and online marketing extensively in the build up to his product launch.

In this article, he lays out his plan of action and details the “how” and “why” of his social media marketing plan.

It’s a fascinating read and should give you more insight into defining social media ROI.

Read the full post here.

5. The Forever Recession

Seth Godin always publishes great, thought provoking posts.

In this post, Seth says we’re actually currently in two recessions.

The first is from normal business cycles. Industries expand and contract every 5 – 10 years depending on a variety of factors.

However the second is more subtle. It’s how technology is completely transforming and disrupting our lives.

Read the full post here.

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