Top 5 Posts for the Week of October 15th, 2011

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Our Top 5 this week is full of practical advice that you can put to work next week. Enjoy!

1. 5 Creative Ways to Recycle Content

Creating content is essential. But it’s time consuming and difficult to keep producing.

One of the best things you can do is repurpose or recycle your existing content. This let’s you get a ton of mileage out of your initial work.

For example, blog posts can become an ebook, and an ebook can be made into a presentation or speech.

2. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most valuable online marketing channels.

But a lot of people struggle with executing properly. Even the appearance of your email is big deal. This post breaks down all of the elements you can add and it shows you a great example that you can mimic.

3. 7 Ebooks to Write ASAP to Generate More Leads

Ebooks and guides are essential to nurturing leads.

They’re the perfect incentive for people to join your mailing list or opt-in as a lead. They provide great value to the user, while also giving you permission to develop a marketing relationship with them over time.

4. 9 Must-Haves for the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages are the best for getting people to convert.

That can mean either making a sale, or getting a qualified lead.

However designing them is part art and part science. So here’s a detailed example of the elements your landing page needs.

5. 3 Steps to Improve Lead Nurturing with Content Mapping

People won’t buy until they trust you. So you have to develop these leads over time.

One of the best ways is through content mapping. That means you create, match and distribute specific types of content for people at each stage of your sales funnel.

This helps you maximize your efforts, and move people through the funnel quicker. You can develop trust faster, and start selling sooner.

Get long-term ROI.

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