Top 5 Posts for the Week of September 10th 2011

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A look at the Top 5 posts from this week includes email marketing, social media ROI, timing, pricing and org charts. Enjoy!

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1. 11 Excellent Email Marketing Infographics

HubSpot’s blog had a great post with some email marketing infographics. Two of the most intersting were a delivery checklist, and another about timing.

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2. Tracking the ROI of Social Media

SEOmoz Founder Rand Fishkin had a great post about tracking social media analytics. The goal you should be after is trying to line up click-stream data (click-through-rates, etc.) with outcomes or goals.

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3. The Single Word that is Stealing Your Future

Sometimes, we need a kick in the butt. And Copyblogger gives that to us this week. We need to remember that saying “tomorrow” is just a way to put something off. There’s never a good time to start something, so you might as well start today.

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4. Do it Tomorrow

Seth Godin’s post discusses how pricing and value are related. Sometimes, there’s a disconnect between how we perceive value and the actual cost associated.

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5. Getting Serious about your Org Chart

Seth had another great post this week discussing the thinking behind org charts. Is it really getting the most out of your organization? Or is it more of a legacy from an old model?

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