Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Secret Weapon to Instantly Getting More Business

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People crave more website traffic.

It’s one of the most important metrics they track.

That makes sense. New visitors will undoubtedly lead to more sales.

So people focus on SEO, social media, and advertising to drive more traffic.

But what if they got better at converting that traffic into leads and sales?

What if instead of more traffic, they focused on getting more leads?

Landing Pages

Landing pages are your secret weapon to getting more business.

They are dedicated pages designed to elicit an action.

You want to use landing pages to get a qualified lead or sell a product.

If you’re buying traffic, then you direct them to a specific landing page that matches the offer.

Your business website should have lots of landing pages that are specific to each target audience, and provide a unique solution. There are many landing page builders that can help you create dozens of landing pages in no time.

Here are 7 tips to getting the most out of your landing pages.

1. Keep it simple and clean

Every landing page should only have one call to action.

It is the “one thing” that you want your audience to do next.

You want to tap into the buying desire and propel them to action.

Your call to action should also tell them to do something. For example, you should tell them to “Start Using Your Service Here”, or “Join Now”.

2. Limit distractions

When keeping things simple and clean, you should also try to limit distractions as much as possible.

The offer should be instantly clear. If you give people too many choices, then they’ll become confused or anxious about what to pick.

A great example of this is to strip away the navigation, and help people focus only on your offer.

Removing choices for people is one of the most important decisions you can make.

You’re not forcing people, but you’re making it easier for them to choose.

3. Use a copywriting formula

Remember to use copywriting in everything you do.

Good copywriting on a landing page has to instantly translate value with your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

There should also be a formula to your copy.

After the USP, you should state the problem and its symptoms. This helps people immediately recognize the pain they’re experiencing.

Then you present the solution (your product/service) and it’s benefits. That’s how you tap into people’s purchasing motivators.

4. Add context to your offer

You should also add context to your offer where appropriate.

This usually includes images, video, and testimonials.

It helps people visualize the service, gives them a working example, and gives your offer more clout.

It also taps into “social proof”, which is a powerful credibility builder.

5. Test every page element

No one knows what will work best.

So instead of guessing, you should be experimenting. You should test different aspects of your landing pages to see what works best.

The simplest way is to A/B test specific variables. If you’re more advanced, then you can use a multivariate analysis to see what factors work better than others.

6. Make sure your landing page isn’t isolated

Even though you’re trying to increase conversions, you shouldn’t forget about the other aspects of internet marketing.

You should make sure your landing page is properly optimized for SEO, and has social media integration.

You want to build up these landing pages so they become easy to find and effective at

The only exception is if you’re testing and experimenting with copies of the same page. One of the most common SEO mistakes is duplicate content. So make sure you “nofollow” and “noindex” copies of landing pages.

7. Give people an incentive

Finally, try giving people an incentive.

Incentives give people extra value for giving up their opt-in information.

Common examples include free guides or special webinar.

This is the “free prize” that gives them instant gratification.

And it can supercharge your landing page conversions.

Getting more traffic is essential to growth. But it’s not enough.

You need to use more landing pages to get more leads and sales.

Get long-term ROI.

We help you grow through expertise, strategy, and the best content on the web.