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9 Best Tools for Online Data Collection

Lydia Iseh
May 16, 2022

Businesses collect data for many reasons. They use it for market research, in the decision-making process, to improve their products and services, and to build stronger relationships with customers.

Unless you collect data, you are only guessing what the customer wants, thinks, and needs. With real data on hand, you can learn how to solve the problems of your customers and improve as a brand.

Still, collecting data is a lot of work and can be very time-consuming. There are so many methods to consider, so many places to find information, and then there’s the issue of how to store, organize, and analyze what you collected.

The right type of data will help you make better content marketing decisions, data-driven content attracts quality links and  as well as thrive in the industry. That being said, you shouldn’t skip this part of doing business, especially now when there are so many tools to make this easier for you.

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What is a data collection tool?

Any technology-driven tool used to gather data falls under this category. There are thousands of choices for this purpose today, including tools that will help you do checklists, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, case studies, and much more.

These types of tools use a variety of techniques to gather data, as well as artificial intelligence to analyze it and report on it. You can also use the best of them to store all that data and use it when you most need it.

Top data collection tools to use today

Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at the top tools for online data collection you should be considering.

1. 123FormBuilder: Best overall

If you are looking for the ultimate tool that’s easy to use and has many features, 123FormBuilder gets the highest rating from many businesses worldwide. You can use it to create online surveys and forms without any coding experience. The drag-and-drop form builder is very easy to master and gives you access to over 2000 quality templates at this point.

Thanks to this tool, businesses today collect, store, and analyze data safely and with ease. You can customize the templates to create forms and share them across different channels without having to leave 123FormBuilder.

123fb desktop

One of the best things about 123FormBuilder is its automation capacity. You can integrate this tool with a variety of popular solutions that businesses use today. For example, you can use your Salesforce data to prefill the forms without any effort or get paid via PayPal. If you want to send the ready forms to everyone in your email list, you can integrate it with Mailchimp and get them automatically instead of manually exporting everything.

Right now, the tool has over 80 different integrations.

Every form you’ll create with the help of this tool is HIPPA compliant and GDPR-ready. It’s a very safe solution with various levels of compliance, which makes your business’ data and that of your customers very secure.

2. Repsly: Best for collecting customer data

The second on our list is Repsly, a field management tool that’s ideal for small to medium-sized companies. This tool makes data mining very simple, and the CRM application allows teams to analyze data with minimum effort.  

If you opt for this data collection tool, you’ll get detailed insights into the activities of your team members. The simplified dashboard gives you an overview of everything in a single place including the work of your sales reps to the data regarding your customers.

Repsly is a cloud-based solution where you can easily access the history and other customer information. The mobile forms are fully-customizable and the field data you collect will automatically be transformed into accurate reports.

In addition to all this, Repsly has features such as reminders, scheduling, mileage tracking, alert notifications, as well as numerous device integrations.

3. GoSpotCheck: Best for collecting field data

Field data is very important for many businesses today. If yours is one such business, then you need GoSpotCheck to collect such data and analyze it quickly. Thanks to this tool, businesses get accurate insights that allow them to better understand the status of the sales force.

If you are managing field teams such as sales representatives, the platform will allow you and them to collect the data necessary to complete their tasks. Some of the best tools of GoSpotCheck are the ability to capture photos, analytics capabilities, advanced reporting with charts and graphs, as well as content distribution capabilities.

This tool integrates with many others and can collect mobile data with ease.

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4. Fulcrum: Best for collecting mobile data

Fulcrum is a cloud-based collection app that you can use to design custom forms and conduct field data research on an app. This is an affordable tool that requires little to no training to master, is extremely easy to use, and will automatically synchronize the data to the cloud.

You can use both the app and the desktop version of Fulcrum to collect data on the job and in the office and input it both online and offline. Since it’s a cloud-based solution, everyone can access it in real-time, and save files like videos, photos, audio, barcodes, etc.

5. ContentSnare: Best for collecting data on clients

Unlike the previously mentioned tools, ContentSnare is more focused on clients. You can use the rest to collect mass data on customers, employees, etc. This tool, on the other hand, helps businesses like accountants and marketing agencies to gather and organize data including files, forms, logos, images, and entities and deal with clients.

If you use Content Snare, you can collect form responses and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. This is a cloud-based solution where you can store and save your images, videos, and logos.



Thanks to ContentSNare, businesses can set up requests and send them to clients, automate emails and remainders for the clients, and organize requests based on the individual projects of their customers.

6. QuickTapSurvey: Best for online data collection and storage

Businesses can create forms and surveys within minutes with QuickTapSurvey. This tool is popular because it allows you to capture data both online and offline. You can store it while offline and it will automatically synchronize with the cloud once you go online.

QuickTapSurvey is a great tool for capturing leads, collecting customer feedback, performing analytics and audits, doing research, gathering data from in-person surveys, etc.

There are over 35 survey question types available in Quick Tap Survey, and the tool is designed for mobile as well as desktop data collection. With it, you can capture detailed leads with information such as email addresses, contact numbers, physical addresses, etc.

If you want to get notifications and alerts, you can automate them in this tool. The tool can be integrated with numerous other tools including MailChimp, Salesforce, and Zapier.

7. Zonka: Best for collecting customer feedback

Gathering information directly from the customers is the best way to determine if your strategies are good, your product is of high quality, and if you need to make changes in your marketing strategy. If you are looking for a tool that can help you specifically with gathering customer feedback, you should consider Zonka.

Zonka Feedback is a tool that allows businesses to collect feedback from employees and customers with the help of CES, CSAT, and NPS surveys. Based on the collected data, Zonka will help you get accurate reports and analyze the data automatically. Instead of bothering with each survey to learn the results, you can use this tool and get actionable insights in half the time.



This tool has numerous feedback forms that you can customize to collect customer data effortlessly, so it saves time in design, too. The forms are easily customizable, flexible, and can fit into every industry. The best part about this is that Zonka supports over 30 different languages, so you can gather feedback from a wide audience with its help.

If you use this tool, you can complete the surveys and forms through smartphone and desktop devices. The analysis of the data collected occurs almost instantly. Instead of spending hours checking the customer responses in those surveys, you can get interactive reports and use them right away.

8. Monday: Best for project management data

Monday is an affordable tool that’s very popular with entrepreneurs. This is basically a project management tool with a variety of collaboration options, tracking features, calendar views, as well as integration capabilities.

Since you will use it during the projects and in the planning stages, the tool will capture useful data, analyze it for you, and give you insightful reports that you can act on. Monday integrates with several other tools like Twitter, Excel, Dropbox, and Shopify.

Featuring a categorized, well-organized interface, Monday gives you options that can be customized based on your needs. Its capabilities include metrics for individuals, as well as entire teams that work on the projects.

9. EasySendy: Best for email marketing data collection

EasySendy is a satisfactory option for marketers to create an email list and drive better results. You can create customized email templates and Build drag-and-drop editors. EasySendy will also provide A/B testing features to drive more profitable outcomes.

EasySendy is an all-in-one email marketing plugin that allows you to carry all your various marketing channels together and accelerate traffic, a higher conversion rate, and better ROI for online geeks, marketers, small businesses, and startups. In addition, you can easily design email templates for your campaigns.

What tool will you be using first?

Gathering data and files is a time-consuming, challenging procedure, but not when you have the right data collection and storage tool at your disposal. This is essential to keeping the most valuable information about your brand organized and secure. Based on the needs and size of your business, you should pick a tool from our list and optimize your data collection process.