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Change Default Font in Scrivener

Our Verdict

Scrivener is a good option. It even has a full-screen mode for avoiding distractions.

What is the Change Default Feature in Scrivener?

This option for changing the default font for text in Scrivener makes it so that the formatting that comes up automatically whenever you open the program will remain the same as what you set instead of going back to plain text or whatever the default was before.

It only takes a click or two in order to select the format you want for font in new documents. After you do this, your writing should automatically begin in the font you want for your document. You can set this up in the editor tools, and change the font in your file by finding the right button sequence.

Not every text editor even gives you this option, so if you want all of your paragraph text files to remain the same automatically, even if you copy and paste the words from one part to another, it’s worth learning how to get this done in the menu in order to get the Scrivener change default font option going.

Why is Change Default Font Useful?

This option is useful because it allows you to put out a manuscript that’s ready for Microsoft Word each time without fiddling a lot with controls. That way you’ll have a smooth transition to a different word processor. This should include footnotes too. It should work for sans serif as well as other types, all right within Scrivener for Windows.

It’s the combination of tools along with the change default tool that makes the program so powerful. You can set up not just the font, but the size and other bits of format as well, all the way that you want them to look. It makes it so that you don’t waste any time when it comes to the writing. It will also reduce distractions and wasted energy since you don’t have to fix everything again every time.

How Do You Use Change Default Font?

In order to fix the font, you just have to visit the Scrivener toolbar, head to tools and then options, and then select everything in the editor drop-down menu and dialog box.

In the end, the ability to copy-paste in the font you want, properly control your header, the font size, the image format you want, and many other options besides, Scrivener is a good option. It even has a full-screen mode for avoiding distractions. You can choose sans serif fonts as well as shift away from the regular Times New Roman font. Each blank document will be set up the way you want.

It’s not especially easy to have this much control in other editors like Google Docs or Word since the text formatting tends to snap back to a default layout each time. Plus, once you’ve used the app to make the screen the way you want it, in whatever format you want such as rich text, you can use the compile tool to convert it to ePub.

The tab program is easy to use to get your preformatted files into the folder you want, control each tab, and even activate through a click on the proper icon. It has the full package ready, all through the one window.

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