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Scrivener Features

Scrivener is software designed for authors of all abilities including everyone from professional writers to hobby bloggers. The Windows word processing program allows authors to manage metadata, notes, book character sketches, detailed research documents, and even a simple word document all in one place. Authors can manage research and documents including concepts, whole documents, web pages, audio, video and even PDFs with this writing tool.

Our Verdict

The ability to use Scrivener features on a variety of platforms such as MS Word, e-book formats and traditional book writing make this a highly sought after app for anyone that specializes in the written word.

Why Scrivener is Helpful

The Scrivener app works with most devices, which is helpful for those that use more than one device to create content. For example, there is a Windows version, Scrivener for Windows, users can download the app on as many devices as they’d like. The best part is the app has a cloud sync feature, which saves progress across all devices. The save feature means writers can open the file they’re working on with any device with confidence that their working from the latest version. Unlike other writing apps, Scrivener doesn’t have a big learning curve. Instead, it’s intuitive and easy to use.

The writing software allows writers to store all their research and rough drafts in easy to manage files. The simple text editor and all-in-one design eliminates the need to use more than one program and reduces user distractions. Distraction-free writing is promoted by a full-screen mode that blows up the text and hides all other open files in the background. To check facts, so that the writer never has to leave the full-screen editor, a series of pop-up window options are available.

Another writing feature Scrivener offers is easy-to-use templates. Writing templates are a great way for writers to jump into the writing process. The software offers a variety of Scrivener writing options including those designed for blogs, novels, short stories, screenplays, poems and much more. But, some of these options aren’t available in all versions of the app. If there isn’t an option for a particular type of document, writers can create an original writing template.

How to Use Scrivener

Scrivener software has organization options for all writers. The three organization options include an Editor, Outliner and Corkboard. It’s easiest to think of the software as sticky notes or index cards that can easily be moved and placed where needed. Writers can drag, drop or reorder content sections to create the best narrative for their document.

For writers that like to write, rewrite and then revert to the original content, there’s a tool for that. The Snapshot feature allows writers to write content, save it in a folder and then change the text without losing the original. Not only can a writer save as many versions as needed, but the app also allows writers to open a previous copy and compare it side-by-side with a current version to see how the document has changed.

After a writer has completed final formatting with the Scrivener software, the manuscript can be saved and exported to a variety of programs including standard word processor programs, like Microsoft Word, screenwriting software, TeX or other desktop publishing software. The easy-to-use Scrivener app also provides video tutorials and walkthroughs to help writers complete these exports fast and easy.

Bloggers will appreciate the app’s compatibility with a variety of other software such as Google Drive, Google Docs, OneDrive, OneNote, Evernote, Dropbox, WordPress and Final Draft. The only downfall to the app is that it’s not available as an Android app.

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Scrivener Review

The ability to use Scrivener features on a variety of platforms such as MS Word, e-book formats and traditional book writing make this a highly sought after app for anyone that specializes in the written word. Not only can writers create doc docx files and add rich text or plain text, but they can also compile all their research data, ideas and drafts in one place. It’s easy to buy Scrivener from the app store.

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