What Are ActiveCampaign Pricing Options and Are They Worth It?

Kevin Kessler
February 17, 2021

Does your business need a comprehensive email marketing tool with CRM and automation capabilities? It isn’t easy to find an all-in-one marketing automation platform. 

With various options available, small businesses and enterprises might have trouble finding the right platform that consolidates all the tools they need for a relatively affordable price. If you’re one of them, then ActiveCampaign could be worth your attention.

In this article, we’ll provide an ActiveCampaign review and tell you about its pricing plan. On top of that, we’ll answer the burning question – Is ActiveCampaign pricing worth it?

What Is ActiveCampaign and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

ActiveCampaign is an automation tool with a focus on sales automation and email marketing. Both the sale and the email component integrate, making ActiveCampaign a powerhouse tool.

Sales-wise, ActiveCampaign offers many features to help you manage your business. With a scrollable UX, you can see the contact list effortlessly. And if you need to find a particular contact, just use its search and filter options.

Are there some contacts you’d like to put at the top of this list? Perhaps they’re likely to become your clients soon. If that’s the case, ActiveCampaign has got you covered. Its lead scoring enables users to organize contacts according to the priority.

You can also have an insight into their interests to help you familiarize yourself with them. That way, you can customize your message appropriately.

ActiveCampaign example

As marketing automation software, ActiveCampaign can help manage and increase your sales pipelines. For example, you can create an automated campaign for important events and send messages to your current or prospective clients.

As far as basic email marketing goes, this tool features fantastic options. If you need to send an email to your list of contacts, ActiveCampaign can do this for you. Do you want to send an email to specific contacts on a particular date? This platform also includes more advanced email marketing solutions to enable you to do this.

The software is highly customizable, so users can create campaigns based on the interests of and interactions with their contacts. It also uses advanced techniques to decide which contact should get the email and when.

With all these solutions under its belt, ActiveCampaign offers insight into various details that can help your marketing.

How Much Is ActiveCampaign?

The most significant feature that makes this email marketing tool so attractive, especially to small businesses, is its pricing. The basic ActiveCampaign pricing plan is $15 a month. That’s something even startups can afford. However, it goes as high as $279 per month, which is usually suitable for enterprises.

All plans offer geo-tracking, importing existing contacts, free email templates, auto importing from other platforms, live chat and support, etc.

activecampaign plans and pricing

Now, let’s explore these packages in-depth:

Lite Plan

The cheapest plan ActiveCampaign offers is the Lite Plan. Its monthly cost is $17, but if you choose the annual subscription, it becomes $9 a month.

This plan includes different marketing and sales features such as marketing automation, site and event tracking, newsletter distribution, and email marketing. It’s suitable for smaller teams, as only three users can utilize this plan.

Keep in mind that the Lite Plan keeps the ActiveCampaign logo on some parts, such as subscription forms.

Plus Plan

If your team has up to 25 members, this plan is suitable for you. Unlike the Lite Plan, the Plus Plan has a built-in CRM to help your business store and effectively manage customers. This package starts at $70 a month, but if you choose the annual subscription, the ActiveCampaign pricing reduces to $49 a month.

Other attractive functions of this plan are the landing pages editor, automation maps that enable you to see the automation status, the SMS sending option, and much more. 

On top of that, with the Plus Plan, you can remove the ActiveCampaign logo. And if you need more help learning the subtleties of automations, this plan includes one month of one-on-one training.

Professional Plan

Do the previous two plans limit you? Perhaps you run a larger business. Then, consider the Professional Plan. It’s slightly more expensive, with the price tag of $159 a month, or $129 if you choose the annual billing.

However, this package has everything the previous two plans have, plus much more. For example, the additional feature is the ability to support up to 50 accounts and attributional analysis, which evaluates your marketing strategies and helps you improve them. 

The Professional Plan also includes one-on-one training, but it lasts three months, giving you even more time to familiarize yourself with automation strategies.

Enterprise Plan

At $229 a month, the Enterprise Plan may seem expensive. But for companies that need unlimited accounts, this package is worth considering. It also comes with the option to customize your mail server domain, tap into advanced support, and be assigned a dedicated account representative to offer consultations on strategies.

ActiveCampaign features

ActiveCampaign FAQs

Does ActiveCampaign have a free plan?

Unfortunately, this marketing automation platform doesn’t have a free plan. However, it offers a 14-day free trial period so that users can test the software with up to 100 contacts and 100 sent emails.

The great thing is that you can contact them and ask for an extension of a trial period, before deciding on the ActiveCampaign pricing plan.

Does ActiveCampaign offer discounts?

ActiveCampaign users can get a discount if they choose an annual subscription. For instance, the premium, Enterprise Plan costs $229 a month with annual subscription, instead of $279 which is a monthly subscription.

Who needs ActiveCampaign?

Since ActiveCampaign is an automation tool offering various marketing solutions, it’s suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises looking for methods to improve their relationships with clients.

Can ActiveCampaign test trigger campaigns?

Yes, it can. It provides more than 20 triggers to help users determine how clients will enter automation.

Does ActiveCampaign have an affiliate program?

Yes, it does. However, ActiveCampaign users can’t send affiliate offers or emails containing only affiliate links. They can add them to emails where the focus is on other matters and inform registered affiliates about the recent updates.


ActiveCampaign is a great solution if you’re looking for an efficient marketing automation tool. The platform offers four different packages, suitable for smaller and middle-sized businesses, and the number of benefits increases accordingly.

Since they offer a 14-day free trial period, you can use this to your advantage and see if ActiveCampaign satisfies your brand’s needs.