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Scrivener Binders

Our Verdict

This Scrivener review brought to light how useful the binder feature can be for all writers. Organizing your work in various folders can save you from a lot of frustration.

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What Is Scrivener Binder?

The Scrivener writing software is an excellent writing tool for people of all levels of experience. Whether you’re an individual (a blogger) or part of a group (self-published authors), your writing process becomes a lot easier when using this program. It can be downloaded from any web browser, the App Store (Scrivener for iOS) and there is also a windows version (Scrivener Windows).

Similar to MS Word and Google Docs, this word processor has some basic features. It has a menu bar, a list of keyboard shortcuts and other tasks you can perform. At a minimum, this makes writing a book or creating a single page document a breeze.

However, there are more details this writing software has that beats out the rest. Corkboard displays a corkboard background where the user can place virtual note cards on top to keep track of their work. Word count, unlike other writing apps, gives you the ability to create daily sessions where it will tell you how many words you need to write to reach a writing goal.

One useful attribute that we’ll discuss today is Scrivener Binders. This allows you to create as many folders needed for different pages towards your project. Using the Outliner feature, you can write an outline of your manuscript within the manuscript folder, open a draft folder for editing your final draft or a folder containing notes of a character within the character sketch template.

Why Is Scrivener Binder Helpful

This feature is helpful when working on a large project. Let’s say you’re working on a novel that has 30 chapters. Using the binder window, you can create 30 folders and title them based on the chapter number and their corresponding name.

Each folder can be reorganized simply by dragging it above or below other folders. You can drag and drop a folder towards the trash folder at the bottom of the binder window or highlight it and click on the trash icon at the top of the program in the toolbar.

Another helpful item is that any file or text files within a folder will be displayed in the middle of the screen. You can change the view mode to full-screen mode to only see your writing. Liquid Story Binder, another popular writing editor, offers similar attributes but each folder opens up multiple windows, making it difficult to keep track.

How To Use Scrivener Binder

We’ll begin by opening the binder window. Click on the Hide and Show button in the toolbar and select Show Binder. The window will appear on the left side of the program.

We now need to create a folder. To do this, click on the plus sign (+) button and select New Folder. Double click on it to rename it.

With our new folder created, we can add some text files. Clicking on the same plus sign, select New Text and you can start typing.


This Scrivener review brought to light how useful the binder feature can be for all writers. Organizing your work in various folders can save you from a lot of frustration.

Scrivener writing is becoming a common term amongst writers. Whether it’s on an Apple device or Scrivener for Windows, you’ll be assured of producing high-quality content using this software.

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