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Scrivener Dropbox Sync

Our Verdict

Overall, the ability to work with Microsoft Word files, as well as have them all synced for your use in Scrivener makes the program an excellent option.

What Is Dropbox Sync for Scrivener?

If you’re looking for a way to make sure that every version of the file that you’re writing is saved properly on Windows with a nice backup folder, there’s a feature on an app that can definitely help with that.

Having a Dropbox account is a popular way to save your RTF files or other kinds of files that you’re working on in order to make sure you can save them to your devices. The writers in our content marketing agency use it on a daily basis.

The Scrivener DropBox sync option makes it so that you can save the text with just a few button pushes. It’s a native option for creating automatic backups through the Scrivener app.

Why Is Dropbox Sync Useful?

The sync is useful because normally you’d have to create your sync files manually in someplace like Google Drive. Instead, you can save your text files through the desktop version of Scrivener to your hard drive and also to the sync with Dropbox folders.

The reason why this is useful is because a native sync makes it easier to make your dropbox files interchangeable with your Scrivener files. In other words, you’re going to be able to just use your text editor, Scrivener for Windows, without constantly worrying about whether the DropBox icon is working and on. It will make it easier to use the writing app normally without a lot of extra manual inputs.

The ability to use your internet connection to use the writing tool to sync with Android and other mobile devices also makes this a significant feature. Between the sync option and the full-screen mode, it should be significantly easier to use your word processor and handle your workflow without getting distracted and having to look up from your keyboard.

Just like the experts from our MasterClass review can attest, it’s the details that make all the difference!

As a writer, the Dropbox desktop app is a good one to have anyway, and you should install DropBox if you haven’t done so yet. Google Drive and Dropbox are great for storing files on your Android device when you’re low on room. Even a zip file can get cumbersome if it’s big enough, after all.

In the end, the Scrivener sync is a tool that simply makes this much easier.

How Do You Use Dropbox Sync?

Unlike what happens half the time with Google Docs, the DropBox sync for the Windows version of Scrivener is native and you can access it by getting DropBox from the app store first. Then, after you sign up, you need to log in to DropBox to access its features.

It’s completely free to sign up through the download Dropbox link from the site. Then, you have to go through the install to choose a folder for everything and set up what you need. Once you get any new updates, you can sync the files you want in there, and then move to Scrivener. By clicking on the Scrivener menu option in the program, you can select for auto backups as well as where you want the sync to happen.

Overall, the ability to work with Microsoft Word files, as well as have them all synced for your use in Scrivener makes the program an excellent option.

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