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Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts

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When you have to do repetitive things while making it work, it helps to have shortcuts that can make the repetition a little less bothersome in terms of what it takes to carry them out.

What Are Scrivener Keyboard Shortcuts

Scrivener shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts, or whatever else you call them, refer to keyboard combinations in Scrivener that let you perform actions quickly. They help make it so you don’t have to click on the text or handle a drop-down menu to get what you want to be done.

For example, there are a number of them that require holding ctrl shift plus another key in order to show project keywords, for example.

Each shortcut command can make it much easier to get through writing your document, controlling the format configuration you want, or whatever else you want to accomplish. The best thing to do is to find a cheat sheet that has each command on them to make it easier until you learn everything.

The Scrivener app provides quite a few such commands to its user in order to goggle each mode, create a split-screen, select a particular type of formatting, set a text type, or any number of other options.

Why Are Scrivener Shortcuts Useful?

It can take an extra minute to go through each option in Scrivener for Windows if you just search through every menu by hand. By using something like the CMD key plus another key, you can avoid having to hit an extra button instead.

After all, it’s going to take you a while to search through your folder for the text files you want, convert your Scrivener file to Word files, cycle through each version of your work and other addictions as it is, it certainly makes sense for users to save as much time as they can with the writing tool instead.

This app feature allows you to go from one window or screen to another at high speed, reducing how much energy you need to expend to use the editor. People enjoy using the windows version for this reason in particular. You can make your plain text script with comments or whatever other extras you want with a single tap of keys.

Yet, for those of you looking to increase your writing efficiency, then you should check out Wordable. Wordable will allow you to export from Google Docs to WordPress seamlessly. It will not only clean and properly format your HTML, but also compress images, open links in a new tab, automatically set featured images, or create a table of contents, and lots more.

How Do You Use Scrivener Shortcuts?

In order to use a shortcut, you just have to press and hold all the different keys in the right order. For example, if you hold the command key and the letter C, you’ll copy a design. There are quite a few options here. For example, you can use control, shift, and E in order to start a compile. You can toggle menus to be on or off with the right combination. Options like control and V can help you paste something that you’ve copied.

Overall, Scrivener has many options for allowing you to speed up your writing. There’s a convenient icon to hit to open the program, there are syncing options for maintaining a backup, you can make an extra tab to write two things simultaneously, and there are a number of extra writing tools besides.

The commands for executing a copy and paste are found in shortcuts as well as options for converting a word processor file in Scrivener to a Word RTF or other kind of file.

When you have to do repetitive things while making it work, it helps to have shortcuts that can make the repetition a little less bothersome in terms of what it takes to carry them out.

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