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Scrivener Typewriter Mode

Our Verdict

It’s surprisingly easy to use the Scrivener writing software in typewriter mode.

What Is Typewriter Mode in Scrivener?

Typewriter mode in Scrivener is also called “typewriter scrolling.” The way this works is that while you’re writing text in this mode, it shifts so that the screen stays in a fixed position as you write. The feature in the app is one of those options that can make it easier for the writer to write word after word in a document without getting confused.

It allows you to move quickly so that you can get to the part where you export to the tools of your choice faster. After all, going through version after version can have the effect of making you get a little cross-eyed after a while, especially in full-screen mode.

Why Is Typewriter Mode Useful?

Typewriter scroll is useful in Windows or other versions of Scrivener because it helps you keep the editor fixed in place during the period where you write or edit your draft. This means that Scrivener typewriter mode allows you to start editing within the word processor and then keeping that same spot when you click elsewhere so you can easily get back to it.

This is an advantage it has over other text editor options in a basic mode like Microsoft Word or plenty of other writing app options. Many people may prefer this option within Scrivener for Windows over the basic controls within Google Docs and other such basic writing tools since it can make it easier to read your writing as you move along. This can make it easier to maintain focus and avoid distractions within the software.

That way, when you get to the final draft of your manuscript, you won’t feel vertigo and you can then convert to MS Word, rich text, or whatever else you want. It makes it easier to then put the file in the right folder with the right formatting and word count since you won’t waste all of your energy on tracking the words on the screen.

How Do You Use Typewriter Mode?

It’s surprisingly easy to use the Scrivener writing software in typewriter mode. All you have to do is hit the Scrivener menu, then select Preferences and then editing. At this point, all you have to do is switch over to the typewriting mode. It will work in both composition mode and editor mode. It will take you just a few seconds to turn it on and then you can leave it that way if you want.

In addition to the typewriter mode, you also get the option to go into focus mode with the full screen, convert everything into file formats like EPub, Word Docx, and others. There are also options for backing up just like what you’d get on an iCloud drive.

With all of these possibilities for storing backups, creating an outline, using your toolbar, keyboard shortcuts, and getting the easy typewriter mode, it makes sense to use Scrivener for your word processing. You can get one kind at the app store, a desktop version, and a Windows version, all based on whatever you need. It is genuinely a highly adaptable program that has features that work well for many different types of writing and based on many different kinds of needs.

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