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Fix Your Writing ASAP with the Grammarly Tone Detector

The Grammarly Tone Detector is part of the Grammarly writing assistant, and it is a tool that assists users with overall message quality. By analyzing grammar, word choice and phrasing, Grammarly’s tone detector determines how a document, email, blog post or other piece of text might be interpreted by its readers.

Here’s how it works, and how it can help you improve your writing.

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What is Grammarly Tone Detector?

The Grammarly Tone Detector checks how writing is received across different platforms online, including social media platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

More than an editor or plagiarism spotter, this tool improves writing style by providing suggestions on message delivery. Add Grammarly to a personal or professional writing routine to convey messages that are easily understood by all audiences.

Grammarly formality issue with ending sentence with a preposition.

Why should you use it?

A grammar checker is a useful tool for anyone who writes consistently and hopes to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes like passive voice; however, a tone checker is unique in that it improves overall writing skills while also eliminating sentence and spelling errors. A word can mean various things to different people, and Grammarly helps professionals make writing clear, concise and effective while avoiding spelling and word errors along with overall grammatical errors. From a daily user to a team, those who utilize Grammarly will develop stronger skills.

A recent investment by General Catalyst will ensure Grammarly and its associated plans (including Grammarly for Business and Grammarly for Students along with the desktop app Grammarly for Windows) will thrive. Grammarly is a tool that anyone can feel confident in using, including those who wish to improve their personal writing or further a professional skill set.

How to Use the Grammarly Tone Detector

Adding Grammarly’s browser extension will not only add a grammar and plagiarism checker, but also the tone detector.

Grammarly even works with Microsoft Word or an app like Google Docs. Create a free Grammarly account to begin using the Grammarly extension.

The program will automatically begin checking content and will provide feedback when appropriate. For example, when writing in a program like Google Docs Grammarly suggests revisions based on misspellings, punctuation, inconsistencies and more. To combat plagiarism Grammarly double checks writing against other content that is available on the web. Writers will fix common writing problems quickly with Grammarly, which will improve writing over time.

Those who use Grammarly for free can upgrade to a premium or business plan. Premium Grammarly users will access features beyond grammar checking; for example, a plagiarism detector that checks billions of web pages comes with the premium plan. A premium account also includes the following checkers:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style
  • Sentence structure
  • Readability
Grammarly's current plans and pricing.

Visit the Grammarly website for information on the cost of Grammarly plans. A Grammarly discount is available for teams who need annual plans for a large amount of users (typical of Grammarly business users who need centralized billing and tech support). The Grammarly cost is at its best value when a plan is billed on an annual basis.

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