The complete guide to MasterClass negotiation courses

Have you ever wanted to win but knew you were outmatched in the negotiation?

Convincing another party to commit to your idea is no easy feat.

From job interviews to contract agreements; hostage situations or dinner options, there are different tactics you can take to get your opponent to compromise or agree with you. Studying these tactics can help prepare you for when any of these moments arise.

This is where MasterClass’s various negotiation courses come into play.

Successful negotiators know that there are specific steps you need to take even before they sit down to negotiate. With MasterClass’s negotiations courses, you’ll discover key strategies from leading experts to successfully execute your negotiations without forfeiting all your bargaining chips. These skills will pay off throughout your entire life.

In this post, we’ll evaluate MasterClass negotiation courses and highlight why you should consider taking each one. 

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Our Verdict

Negotiation tactics are valuable to have in your toolkit. The right strategy can make a potentially stressful situation rewarding. Learning from the experts today can help you attack those seven-plus negotiations waiting to hit you tomorrow.


Improve your negotiation strategy with MasterClass today.


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A few frequently asked questions

Before we dive in, let’s answer a handful of frequently asked questions about MasterClass and the wealth of insights the platform provides.

How do I get a MasterClass membership?

You can sign up for a MasterClass membership by clicking here. There are multiple plans to choose from ranging from the Individual ($15.75/month), Duo ($21/month), and Family ($24.15/month). Although prices are presented monthly, they are billed annually.

Screenshot of Masterclass for Work

There are also group plans available when MasterClass content is desired at the workplace.

By signing up for one of these quality subscription offers, you’ll get access to the 180+ courses MasterClass offers in several categories, ranging from cookingbakinginterior designphotographymusicwritingmakeup, and even poker.

Can I take the MasterClass courses on my own time?

Yes, most MasterClass courses are pre-recorded, giving viewers the chance to digest the material on their own time. Some MasterClass courses which are called “Sessions” follow a different structure in more of a facilitated month-long collaborative learning environment with assignments and real-time feedback from the community.

How do I find MasterClass negotiation courses?

To find MasterClass negotiation courses, simply visit MasterClass’s website and search for negotiation or continue reading this article for the titles to the specific courses to look for.

Are only MasterClass annual plans available?

Yes, MasterClass only allows customers to purchase annual plans on their platform. A monthly plan is currently not available.

Introduction to MasterClass Negotiations

Taking a MasterClass negotiation class can dramatically improve the leverage you have in intense negotiations with an employer, family member, friend, or even a foe.

Everyone needs to know how to negotiate effectively. These four MasterClass instructors highlight key communication skills and provide valuable insights into what motivates us so that you can be the master of any negotiation.

Two Negotiations Illustrated

The experts at Masterclass have participated in hundreds or thousands of high-stakes negotiations in their lives. Some were successful, others were not. You can learn from their experiences and apply their negotiation techniques to all aspects of your life, or at least those involving other people.

Here are four of the top MasterClass negotiation courses to consider watching to elevate your negotiating skills and power.

1. Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation

Runtime: 3 hours and 4 minutes

Course value: 5/5

Lessons: 18 video lessons

Supplementary materials: Instructor guide and case study

Screenshot of Chris Voss MasterClass

Chris is the Founder and CEO of The Black Swan Group and a former FBI negotiator. As an FBI negotiator, he has participated in hundreds of serious negotiations over the years with criminals and suspects.

Through his background and experiences with the FBI, he has acquired unprecedented insights into the negotiation process and the psychological impact behind key negotiation tactics. Even if you aren’t a hostage negotiator, this MasterClass is still valuable.

Although his negotiation skills served him during tense hostage situations, their innate principles can be applied in everyday scenarios. They’re both flexible and adaptable. In this MasterClass, he shares some of the top negotiating tactics that have enabled him to achieve incredible success over the years.

Learn how to read your fellow humans through “Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation.”

This MasterClass is perfect for individuals who are looking to sharpen up their negotiation tactics — whether it’s at work, at home, in the community, or among friends.

In his course, Voss notes that every human probably goes through seven negotiations per day without realizing it, reinforcing the importance of the course and his teachings.

Not only do you learn his tactics, but you’ll also begin to understand why some people compromise and how you can nudge them closer to what you want.

Some topics covered in the course include various negotiation tactics including: tactical empathy, mirroring, labeling, mastering delivery, body language, bending reality, bargaining, black swans, and more.

In addition to his informative content, Voss’ course offers follow-up exercises to help his students digest key material and practice accordingly. Included are exercises he uses himself to refresh his negotiation skills.

One of his techniques is an “Accusations Audit,” which serves as a reminder to assess everyone’s feelings in the room and to “turn negatives into positives.” This reminds those who are participating in negotiations to not only think about what they have to gain or lose — but what others do as well.

Overall, this is an impactful MasterClass that can enhance and strengthen your negotiation skills.

2. Chris Voss Win Workplace Negotiations

Runtime: Flexible 30-day curriculum

Course value: 4/5

Lessons: 12 negotiation tactics taught over 30 days

Supplementary materials: Assignments and community of students and teachers

Chris Voss Headshot MasterClass

After the success of his first MasterClass, Chris Voss returned to create Win Workplace Negotiations, an all-new learning experience as a part of the MasterClass Session series.

MasterClass Sessions are a new educational format offering a community-based learning structure with assignments, real-time feedback, and a collaborative learning environment. Most Sessions occur over the course of a 30-day timeline.

This course with Voss focuses on workplace negotiations. It provides next applications to some of the lessons you may have learned in his initial course while honing in on various workplace situations where his negotiation tactics may be useful. However, viewing the first course is not a requirement.

After completing the Sessions course, you’ll know the 12 negotiation tactics to use in a professional setting. Sample topics include: trust and influence at work, landing deals, getting to the agreement, inclusive negotiation, and more.

Some of his most popular negotiation tactics include mirroring, labeling, calibrated questions, dynamic silence, clear negativity, epiphanies, and loss aversion.

If you need more support or interaction to learn and practice this complex skill set, then this collaborative format will benefit you. Guidance from classmates and firm assignment due dates will keep you focused in this MasterClass Session.

3. Crisis Day with Chris Hadfield & Noted Co-Experts

Runtime: 29:31 (out of an entire 1 hr and 7 minute MasterClass)

Course value: 3/5

Lessons: 1 of 3

Supplementary materials: N/A

Screenshot of the Masterclass Crisis Day

Crisis Day with Chris Hadfield & Noted Co-Experts is a unique MasterClass that dives deep into various crises and their responders. It is an analytical look at pivotal moments in the world’s history with first-hand accounts from the leaders involved.

This abbreviated MasterClass spotlights three experts with experiences in crisis situations. The first lesson is devoted entirely to an FBI hostage negotiation between two armed bank robbers and Chris Voss.

Unlike Voss’ other two courses, this chapter within Crisis Day shows the true power of negotiation through an episodic lens, with all the stress and anxiety accompanying the event.

While Voss’ other MasterClasses highlight his experience as a means to establish credibility, this singularly focused case study is helpful because it shows many of the techniques he mentions in the other MasterClasses in a real-world and very dramatic example.

4. Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership

Runtime: 2 hours and 11 minutes

Course value: 5/5

Lessons: 13 video lessons

Supplementary materials: Workbook

Bob Iger Teaches Negotiation

One of the most well-known CEOs of the decade, Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership covers many different aspects of leadership, business, and negotiation too.

As the CEO of Disney, Iger has led the company to unprecedented heights in two different stints as the leader of the global organization.

Through his time overseeing Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Resorts, and many other business units within Disney, Iger shares some of his trade secrets in this invaluable MasterClass.

This is a great course for many since Disney is such a respected and popular brand. Iger will share engaging examples of well-known Disney properties and help you apply his principles to your own life.

Although his MasterClass is not entirely devoted to negotiating, there is one specific lesson called “The Art of Negotiation” that you need to watch.

In that lesson, Iger shares his tips for leading successful negotiations in the workplace.

As the person responsible for two of the largest acquisitions in industry history (Pixar and Lucasfilm), he knows a thing or two about negotiating without giving up too much leverage.

Iger’s lesson highlights the importance of navigating the negotiation with empathy. His approach, different from Voss’, makes this MasterClass an excellent complement to the courses above.

Two main techniques stand out in Iger’s approach.

First, he tells those watching to remove their ego from the process. Negotiations are not about you. Being blinded by what you want and having too big of an ego can derail the process and keep you from your desired outcome.

Second, he suggests making everyone feel like they are leaving the room a winner. This technique requires a deep understanding of what the other parties are truly looking for in the negotiation.

In Iger’s experience, these goals are not always clearly articulated. By listening intently and compromising carefully, adept negotiators help everyone involved feel respected and valued.

The other lessons in Iger’s MasterClass are valuable too, but they don’t cover negotiation tactics explicitly. However, if you’re interested in learning about business and honing your leadership skills, I’d recommend watching the full MasterClass.

Iger’s approachable style and extensive experience leading one of the world’s most iconic companies make this MasterClass a must-watch on anyone’s list.

Elevate your negotiation efforts with as MasterClass negotiation course today

Now that you know more about each MasterClass negotiation course, it’s time to dive in and enhance your negotiation skills.

Negotiation tactics are valuable to have in your toolkit. The right strategy can make a potentially stressful situation rewarding. Learning from the experts today can help you attack those seven-plus negotiations waiting to hit you tomorrow.

Improve your negotiation strategy with MasterClass today.

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